Coronation Street spoilers: Oliver Battersby on life support after suffering a devastating seizure

OLIVER Battersby is moved to intensive care and put on life support next week in Coronation Street after suffering a devastating seizure – but Leanne insists that he’ll be fine. 

The secretary – who is played by Jane Danson in the ITV soap – has been in denial about Oliver not being well ever since the doctors broke the news that he could have mitochondrial disorder. 

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And when the consultant broke the news that Oliver did indeed have an incurable form of mitochondrial disorder – from which he’ll eventually die – Leanne immediately went into denial and demanded a second opinion. 

Viewers watched Leanne consumed with guilt when she made out Oliver was fine when an old friend asked her how he was doing.

Steve also broke down earlier this month over Oliver and staged a protest in the cafe against vegetarian day.

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Nick, Leanne and Steve try and stay optimistic as they prepare for their holiday in Cornwall. 

But disaster strikes when they’re interrupted by the sound of Oliver’s seizure alarm and have to rush the youngster to hospital. 

They’re left reeling when Nick’s ex, Natasha, approaches them in on of the hospital corridors. 

When Nick says he’s there waiting for news of his stepson, Natasha tells him she’s there for a dermatology appointment. 

Later, the doctor breaks the news to Nick, Leanne and Steve that Oliver has been moved to intensive care and put on life support. 

Leanne remains adamant that everything is going to be ok, but Nick and Steve aren’t so sure. 

Will Leanne be forced to finally face up to the reality of Oliver's condition?

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