Corrie boss reveals when Norris Cole and Emily Bishop will return

They have been a huge miss from the cobbles and there’s mixed news from Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod on the futures of Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) and Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire).

Emily left several years ago to go to Peru while Norris later joined her and her sister Freda when Malcolm was taken seriously ill. We already know that Norris will return for a brief stint – announcing he is getting married to Freda – but Iain confirmed that the hope is that a full time return will soon follow after the 79-year-old’s recovery.

He told us: ‘One hundred per cent Norris is not leaving the show. We just thought that given the circumstances given we find ourselves in it made sense to put a family in number three but it’s certainly not the end of Norris. On both our parts we hope to have him back for good.’

The future of Emily is less certain. Iain assured us that regular talks occur between the show and Emily but there are currently no plans in place for Emily to come back. However, he added the door is ‘wide open’ for her to come back.

He said: ‘Emily, we’re in talks fairly regularly with Eileen but at the moment there’s no plans for her to return but again the door’s certainly not closed there.’

Norris will be reappearing as part of a storyline later this spring which will see him have some momentous scenes with Mary.

The house, No.3, will soon be inhabited by the show’s new family The Bailetys led by Doctors legend Lorna Laidlaw (previously Mrs Tembe)

The family will make their major debut in June – Lorna will play Aggie along with husband Ed and sons James and Michael, with sister Diana to follow at a later date.

All change at Corrie!

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