Doctor Who fans absolutely baffled by episode 9's bizarre ending

Somehow, we’ve already reached the penultimate episode of Doctor Who season 11, and it’s one that will probably keep fans talking for some time thanks to its bizarre ending.

Titled ‘It Takes You Away’, tonight’s episode (December 2) saw the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and her companions stumble upon a creepy looking cottage in Norway. Inside, they discovered a blind girl hiding in fear of a monster that supposedly lurked in the woods.

However, it transpired that the creature didn’t exist at all – it was lie told by the girl’s father to keep her locked up inside the house while he was away in an alternate dimension, spending time with a being that he believed to be his late wife, back from the dead.

Naturally, that alternate dimension, known as the Anti-Zone, was a living entity that tried to keep the characters inside it, tempting them with copies of their deceased loved ones.

This led to an emotional and testing moment for Graham (Bradley Walsh), as his late wife Grace re-emerged and tried to persuade him to stay in the Anti-Zone. He didn’t, obviously.

The Doctor managed to convince the entity to keep her inside the Anti-Zone and spare her friends. And that’s where things got very weird. Well, weirder.

With everyone else being sent back to the normal dimensions (hopefully that’s not discriminatory against other dimensions), The Doctor suddenly found herself standing before… a frog. A talking frog. With Grace’s voice.

The final episode of Doctor Who series 11 airs on Sunday, December 9 on BBC One. The Christmas special will air on New Year’s Day.

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