Doctor Who posts teaser clip of terrifying new Daleks in Xmas special – warning ‘maximum extermination’ is heading to UK

DOCTOR Who posts teaser clip of terrifying new Daleks in the Christmas special.

It also featured a chilling warning that ‘maximum extermination’ is heading towards the UK.

This year's Dalek Day has been acknowledged with fans getting a brand new look of The Doctor’s arch nemeses.

The Prime Minister (Harriet Walter) has brought the exterminating killer alien race to earth as defence drones.

The Daleks have been given a makeover and first photos of the new design have been revealed, with the slick armour of the Daleks shown in all its glory.

A clip was also posted and showed off the brand new machine's shiny new armour.

The message in the clip read: "Approved by world leading security experts and endorsed by the best security minds, we bring you the Defence Drones,’ it tells you. "Your future is in safe hands."

Revolution Of The Daleks, which hits screens on New Years Day 2021, is shaping up to be one of the most jaw dropping episodes yet.

With the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) currently locked away in a space prison by herself and the Daleks currently roaming free, Captain Jack (John Barrowman) and the team have to get their leading lady back.

They will soon have to work to get her back to the Tardis – and Earth – where she belongs.

The special episode will be the last for Bradley Walsh, who played bus driver Graham O’Brien for the past two series.

“I have absolutely loved it, loved it,” Bradley said about leaving the show. 

“Wales has become like a second home to me and being included in something so iconic and ground breaking with the advent of having a female Doctor, that whole thing where Chibnall sold that to me, it didn’t disappoint and I loved working with those guys. 

“I love working with Chris Chibnall, that man is a genius but to also be working with Mandip and Tosin and of course Jodie is just extraordinary.”

He will be joined by his on-screen step-grandson Ryan (Tosin Cole) in his exit.

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