EastEnders' Danny Dyer says he 'tried to kneecap' daughter Dani's boyfriend Sammy before he got her pregnant

EASTENDERS star Danny Dyer has admitted he tried to assault daughter Dani's boyfriend before she fell pregnant.

The 43-year-old actor made the revelation on the new episode of their podcast, Sorted With The Dyers.

The father and daughter duo spoke about 2020 and Dani's pregnancy and Danny's young son Artie even made a cameo.

As the pair read out a message from one listener, it prompted Danny to recall the first time Dani's boyfriend Sammy Kimmence came over to the family home.

"I think he was out in the garden playing with Artie and I was watching him through the window, just trying to see what kneecap I could break first. And you started talking about frothy coffees," Danny joked, as his daughter giggled.

However, Danny confirmed that he's actually fond of Sammy by adding: "And you started talking about frothy coffees. But I thought, 'your heart's in the right place'.

"But listen, this is how you know he's the one, if you want to make him a f**king frothy coffee!"

Dani was in a relationship with Sammy prior to appearing on Love Island in the summer of 2018.

While on the series, Dani was in a relationship with Jack Fincham, but the pair split in April 2019.

Later that month, Dani and Sammy were pictured together and it was reported that their relationship had been rekindled, which was later confirmed by the reality TV star.

In the July the couple announced via social media that they were expecting their first child together.

During the latest episode of the podcast, Dani admitted that she's not sure what she would have done without her mum Joanne helping her out in recent months.

"She has been such a legend, honestly. That woman, I just don’t know what I would have done without her," Dani said.

Danny then chipped in: "I’ve never seen so much baby stuff in my life," as Dani replied: "She’s been ironing them all! I’m like, ‘mum you don’t need to iron a vest'."

Dani also admitted that Sammy has a new nickname for her as her baby bump gets bigger and bigger, and has been comparing her to an orangutan.

"Ooooooh that's out of order! Is that what he's saying to you? Well I'm glad you're not a sensitive little soul," Danny said to his daughter as she continued laughing.

Earlier this week, Dani revealed that she was terrified recently when she thought she was going into labour one month early.

The Love Island star's due date isn't for another month, but the false labour pains had her thinking her little one might arrive before the New Year.

Taking to her Instagram story, Dani asked if any of her followers had experienced them too.

She then explained: "Last night I properly experienced those Braxton Hicks contraction things.

"Honestly, there's so much that goes in to being pregnant. Woah, they were really painful. I was like what's this, what's that? But wow. They're not very nice."

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