Empire Fall Finale: Is [Spoiler] Dead? Coffin Mystery Solved?

Empire raised the stakes in its big Season 5 coffin mystery on Wednesday, dropping a potentially killer (get it?!) clue about the identity of the deceased in the series’ fall finale.

In the wake of Lucious’ discovery that archenemy Kingsley has Lyon DNA coursing through his veins, the mogul’s newfound son added insult to injury by breaking the news to the rest of the family — in the middle of the LMF showcase event, no less — before Lucious could do so himself. The revelation prompted a humiliated Cookie, Jamal and Hakeem to storm off stage. Andre, meanwhile, made a beeline for his older bro and, in front of a standing-room only audience, threatened to “end” him. Determined to get in the last word, Kingsley responded, “Unless I end you first, baby bro.”

And with that, the action jumped ahead three months to show Andre being rushed into the ER in critical condition, a distraught Lucious and Cookie in tow. The episode’s ominous final image was that of Andre’s heart monitor flatlining. Coffin mystery solved, right? Not so fast, cautions showrunner Brett Mahoney.

“It could be Andre [in the coffin] but it is not definitively Andre,” the EP hedges. “There is still a lot more to be revealed about that mystery as the back half of the season unfolds.” Suffice it to say, when Empire resumes its fifth season in early 2019, “Andre will face life and death circumstances that will rock the entire Lyon family,” Mahoney teases.

Regarding the coffin conundrum, Mahoney admits that not even he knows definitively whose corpse is hidden within that pine box. Although he admits to having “several candidates in mind,” the scribe confesses, “I won’t know who is in the coffin until I sit down to write the season finale [next month].”

What do you say, Empire fans? Do you think Andre’s “death” (we’re qualifying that word with quotes because his heart was only idle for a few seconds) was a red herring? Hit the comments with your thoughts and theories.

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