Everything Jenna and Barbara Bush Said About Grandfather George H.W. Bush on 'Today' Triggers Tears

George W. Bush’s twin daughters imagine their granddad left earth to spend Christmas with his former first lady, Barbara Bush, and we can’t handle it.

Good luck not tearing up while watching Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush pay tribute to grandfather George H.W. Bush on the "Today" show.

Although the 41st President of the United States passed away at 94 just before one of his favorite holidays, his fraternal twin granddaughters saw the silver lining: He didn’t miss a Christmas with his beloved wife, Barbara Bush, who passed away earlier this year in April.

Jenna, who works for NBC News, recalled telling another family member, "I just can’t believe this is happening right before Christmas," and her young daughter Mila’s response was priceless.

"And Mila said, ‘Well of course it’s happening right before Christmas, Gampy had to get to Gammy so they could decorate their Christmas tree,’" Jenna said, likely triggering waterworks from anyone tuning in. "I thought, from the mouth of babes, because they had never spent a Christmas apart in their whole 74 years, so of course he wanted to be there. And she probably was like, ‘Come on, time to come home.’"

And those pipes probably kept on bursting when Barbara recalled her grandfather reflecting on missing his wife.

"He was reflective about my grandmother, and I asked him if his heart was broken and he said, ‘Yes.’ And then he looked at me and he said, ‘Do you think it will feel worse than this?’ And it just really got me," she told Savannah Guthrie. "I mean, of course his heart was broken, he had lost the love of his life. And yet, he also whenever you asked him how he was doing, he would say, ‘I couldn’t be better.’ So I think instead of talking about his time being limited he would live as much as he could."

Before that, Barbara also said that their dad, 43rd President George W. Bush, was also comforted by the idea of his pops meeting up with his wife in the afterlife.

"I think he gets a lot of peace knowing that my grandfather is with our grandmother, and that he was looking forward to being reunited with her," she said.

The sisters spoke to "Today" ahead of their grandfather’s star-studded memorial service at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday morning. The former president’s body, however, will be laid to rest later today at his presidential library in College Station, Texas. He will be buried next to his wife.

When asked to pick her favorite memory with H.W., Barbara said it was "impossible."

"It’s impossible for me to choose because I have thousands and thousands of memories with him," she said. "We would spend the whole summer with him during our childhood when he was president, and yet he was carrying an incredible responsibility at that time. And it amazes me that he was so with us and so present. And I have so many memories just playing and being with him. In none of them did he ever need to cut playing with us short because of work."

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