Game of Thrones' Jon Snow's fate was revealed by Catelyn Stark and everyone missed it

JON Snow's fate in Game Of Thrones was revealed by Catelyn Stark in the early days of the show – and no one seemed to notice until now.

A fan yesterday pointed out how the prayers she was seen making to the Gods, which were glossed over at the time, have all come true.

In the show, Jon was taken away from Winterfell and killed by the Night's Watch, exactly as Catelyn requested when she asked the Gods to "take him away" and "make him die".

However, he was also allowed to live through the notorious Long Night – despite the Night King coming for him – after Catelyn prayed to "let him live" during a "very long night".

She also said she would "beg her husband to give him a true name" – and indeed, Jon did learn his real name was Aegon Targaryen when he returned to Winterfell with Arya and Bran Stark.

It could all be a remarkable co-incidence but many rushed to praise the "solid reasoning" put forward by Reddit user Animation_Bat1 as well as, in true messageboard style, attempt to pick the whole thing apart.

As viewers now know, Jon, who was played by Kit Harington, was sent away to join the Night's Watch at the Wall.

In scenes that shocked viewers, he had knifed Daenerys Targaryen in order to halt her murderous rampage around the kingdoms.

And it seemed Catelyn, who was played by Michelle Fairley, spelled out much of the plot a lot earlier in the Thrones saga.

Animation_Bat1 explained: "Catelyn Stark said she prayed to the gods to 'take him away' and 'make him die.

"She said that when Jon Snow came down with the pox, maester Luwin said that if he made it through the night he’d live, but it would be a very 'long night'.

"At this point she regretted that she had condemned him to death, so she prayed to all seven gods to 'let him live' through the long night and she would 'beg her husband to give him a true name.'

"He lived through the night, but she said she couldn’t keep her promise."

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