Gillian McKeith flashes knickers on This Morning, leaving fans stunned

Gillian McKeith shocked This Morning viewers as she showed off her pants on live morning TV.

The TV nutritionist was joined by her daughter, Skylar, 24, on a night out to a movie premiere of Do Something Jake in November, where she wore chunky purple boots and a glitzy dress, with a sheer, open skirt which showed off her legs and a little more.

After she received some backlash, Gillian sported the same outfit on This Morning, and swung the skirt around as she got it all out for Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes.

She debated being able to wear what she wants no matter her age, saying: "I don’t read these comments anyway but it seems that when women get to a certain age we’re supposed to wear Victorian clothing… I don’t think that’s the way we should be celebrating women.

"I’ve always said to my daughters, ‘If you’re true to yourself you can always find contentment,’ so if I’m trying to please other people with my outfits, it just won’t work.

"I didn’t realise how see-throught it actually was until I got there and I thought, ‘Oh my god, it really is see-through,’ but I thought, ‘You know what? So what!’

"I’ve always enjoyed wearing something exciting… and people are not shy to talking to me, it’s a door-opener and people feel like I’m sociable, I can talk to them and I’m fun."

Phil also took the opportunity to show off some of Gillian’s other fashion choices, many of which showed off her pants in sheer skirts and dresses.

Fans were shocked by her revelation, with one saying: "# thismorning @ GillianMcKeith ‘I didn’t realise how see-through it was’ – really?? No mirrors in your house Gillian, or possibly not getting enough attention of late?"

Another said: "@ thismorning I agree with Gillian however some of the dresses are just ugly including the one she’s wearing. She just doesn’t look good in it and the ones that were shown."

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