Harry Styles’ Sitcom ‘Happy Together’ Not Officially Canceled, Amber Stevens West Persists

Harry Styles‘ new sitcom “Happy Together” is in limbo after U.S. TV bosses declined to fund additional episodes.

The One Direction musician is an executive producer on the CBS show, which is loosely based on his early years as a popstar, when he shacked up with his TV producer pal Ben Winston and his wife.

CBS executives announced on Friday, November 30, that they would not be ordering any additional episodes after the initial 13 they bought as a first season – but its star Amber Stevens West has vowed that it’s not all over for the show.

“NOT TRUE,” she tweeted in response to news story stating “Happy Together” was cancelled. “We have not been officially cancelled! We are just not getting more episodes in our season one. DO NOT LOSE HOPE! I’m not.”

Amber, who plays Claire Davis, a restaurant designer, who puts up an up-and-coming popstar (Felix Mallard), along with her husband (Damon Wayans Jr.), went on to vow “Happy Together” was “still alive” and urged fans to tune in to the next installment on Monday.

Prospects for the programme do not look good however, as its viewing figures have fallen from an already disappointing six million for its October debut to 4.5 million.

A source told British newspaper The Sun that the show will be canned – as Harry has failed to promote it or cameo in any episodes.

“‘Happy Together’ just kept underperforming from week one and its time was limited,” the insider revealed. “In the end CBS just walked away. One of the major problems was the fact Harry would not appear in the series, even though the show was promoted around his life. He didn’t attend any major PR launches or even spend just a few hours with the cast.”

The “Sign of the Times” hitmaker’s TV venture has so far proved less successful than his film debut – he earned acclaim for his performance in a minor role in Christopher Nolan’s 2017 Second World War epic “Dunkirk“.

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