Holly Willoughby appears 'TOPLESS' in raunchy game on Celebrity Juice

HOLLY Willoughby appeared 'TOPLESS' in a raunchy game on Celebrity Juice.

The 38-year-old took part in The Scotch Egg Club game with host Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness on last night's show.

The aim of the game involved a buzzer round to get into a club, but viewers were left shocked when Keith brought out an X-rated cardboard cut out of Holly topless.

While her head and clearly been placed on to the naked cut out, the only things covering 'Holly's' modesty were two Scotch eggs and some ham.

The mother-of-three looking unimpressed as the cheeky host held up the cardboard cut out in front of him.

However Paddy, 45, thought the moment was hilarious, and doubled over with laughter before the game quickly moved on.

Holly also took part in another silly game during the episode, where she had to squash avocados with her "massive a**e cheeks".

shrieked as she was forced to squat over the messy vegetable – rubbing her bottom into the food to make sure that it had been fully destroyed.

After being called up for the challenge by host Keith, the blonde beauty moaned: "There's nothing better than a camera being under your massive a**e cheeks, is there?"

Looking into the camera, Keith joked in response: "Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday – that's a treat from me."

He continued: "You will be squatting on the prawn and avocado!"

When the food item was announced, Holly squealed in disappointment, asking: "Why have you given me fishy stuff?? As if this wasn't bad enough!"

However, the mother-of-three embraced the challenge like a champion, getting stuck in as she squatted on top of the avocado and prawn – successfully squashing the items into a mush.

While comic Jimmy Carr joked that the studio was "going to smell like the '80s", the live studio cheered in support as Holly waddled away from the mess, refusing to stand up straight.

When the camera zoomed in on Holly's soiled pink trousers, Holly complained: "I can't get away from it.

"Oh my god, that is so disgusting."

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