Holly Willoughby bursts into tears after Harry Redknapp faces his fear of rats in final Bushtucker trial Danger Down Under

The 37-year-old star wiped away tears as she spoke to the 71-year-old, after he was locked in a box crawling with rats that scratched at his face.

Holly even ordered Declan Donnelly to "Get down there and help him!" as they heard the football manager scream in fear.

After, Harry admitted that was "a tough one" and that "rats are the worst".

And the presenter said: "Oh Harry, well done you did it" with tears streaming down her face.

Viewers said they understood Holly's tears, as one tweeted: "Can anyone else relate with Holly crying through Harry’s trial bc same girl same #imaceleb #HarryToWin"

Another said: "Holly crying when Harry got a bug in his ear is too relatable"

And a third wrote: "Holly crying at Harry having a tough time of it totally set me off. Best series yet."

But earlier, third runner up John Barrowman had fans gagging on Twitter as they watched his final Bushtucker trial.

John, 51, was given the Bushtucker Bonanza, and presented with 10 dishes with a total of five stars up for grabs.

The Doctor Who star had the chance to win a starter, a main and a drink for dinner that night – if he turned down five delicious dishes for platters of meal worms, spiders and a HUGE bull's penis.

After he picked up the penis that resembled a snake, one fan said on Twitter: "The eating Bushtucker trials are the worst. Fair play to John and everyone who has done it. I'd gag in minutes after."

Another person tweeted: "John Barrowman doing an eating trial is the best thing I’ve ever watched."

As a third scoffed: "Holy Christ I think I may want John to win. His trial has, however, made my pregnant girlfriend feel very sick"

John Barrowman faced snakes and a huge spider

Holly asked a spluttering John what was the worst dish to eat, and surprisingly it wasn't the bull's penis.

John said: "The eyes tasted like an egg that has fermented and come out of a duck's rectum.

"Taste wise, the fermented egg tasted worse, the hardest to eat the spider because its butt exploded."

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