I’m A Celebrity’s Noel Edmonds reveals ‘psychic’ connection to wife Liz

I’m A Celebrity star Noel Edmonds has revealed he felt “positive energy” from his wife Liz whilst in the jungle – and claims that she also predicted he would leave the show first.

The TV star, 69, failed to get enough votes and was evicted on Friday night in a shock announcement and has now spent the weekend with Liz relaxing and eating small meals to build up his strength after losing four kilos.

Noel is known for believing in cosmic ordering and positive thinking and has also spoken in the past about objects like plants communicating with each other.

In an interview with the Mirror, he said: “I felt on a couple of occasions that Liz was definitely trying her best to send me positive energy.

“What is completely spooky, she said to everybody ‘he’s coming out’. When they transported her down there for the show, she said ‘he’s coming out first’ – and no one believed her.

“She said ‘I woke up this morning and I thought ok I’m getting Noel back’.”

After his early exit Noel and Liz will now spend some time exploring Australia’s Gold Coast before heading to New Zealand later in the month to celebrate Noel turning 70.

He admitted he really missed his wife in camp and added: “The first thing I said to her was how much I missed her because we have this very energetic relationship, a very compatible relationship. Physically we were apart and it’s the first time we’ve been unable to communicate.

“When we are apart we probably chat a dozen times a day. Not to be able to do anything is tough. They just take your phone away and that’s it. That was tough, not hearing her voice and chatting about nothing. It’s really very difficult. But we’re back together again so I’m complete.”

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