Jim Cramer Again Apologizes For “Crazy Nancy” Comment In Interview With Nancy Pelosi

CNBC’s Jim Cramer again apologized for a remark he made to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in an interview with her on Tuesday, when he referred to her as “crazy Nancy” before quickly explained what he meant.

“I made a very stupid comment,” Cramer said on Mad Money. “It was a tongue in cheek attempt to make a point about the harsh tone about the negotiations in Washington but it fell completely flat and I apologize for that.”

“As I said immediately after the comment, I want to make it clear that I have an incredible amount of respect for both the speaker and of course the office she holds,” Cramer said.

Earlier in the day, in an interview with Pelosi, Cramer was talking about the ongoing negotiations over a COVID-19 relief bill.

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“What deal can we have crazy Nancy,” he said, before stopping himself and saying, “I’m sorry. That was the president. I have such reverence for the office, I would never use that term.”

“But you just did,” Pelosi said.

“You know what I mean,” Cramer said.

“I do, I do,” Pelosi said.

“The reverence I have for the office is so great,” he said.

But a clip of the incident quickly spread online throughout the day.

Time’s Up wrote on Twitter, “Whether @JimCramer meant to insult Nancy Pelosi or simply refer to Trump’s disparaging attacks, the harmful effects are the same. We’re calling on journalists to stop circulating sexist labels that betray women’s skills, insights, & lived experiences as leaders. #WeHaveHerBack”

Cramer insisted that he was referring to the way that Trump has attacked Pelosi. He wrote on Twitter, “I challenge anyone to listen to the interview and think i wasn’t imitating what the president says and how repulsive i find it.. I said that three times. I apologized for the implication twice. Who put out the quote without the context? what organization?”

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