Kate Garraway left baffled by Donald Trump's 'strange' claim that his coronavirus diagnosis was a 'blessing from God'

KATE Garraway admitted she was baffled by Donald Trump's claim that his coronavirus diagnosis was a "blessing from God".

The Good Morning Britain star called the president's wording "strange" and questioned how he could call it a blessing when more than 210,000 of his citizens have died from the illness.

When asked for her thoughts by Susanna Reid, Kate said: "The idea of getting a fatal disease with no confident cure, it's such a strange thing to say.

"If I'm trying to be fair to him, does it mean because he now understands the impact?"

Kate's husband Derek has been seriously ill in hospital for seven months after suffering severe complication from coronavirus.

His two children and his parents have been unable to visit him during that time, with Kate Facetiming them during her visits on the ward.

The GMB stars said Trump was fixated on being a strong, superhero-like figure unwilling to show weakness.

"He's trying to be a leader in his own vision," explained Kate. "The strong leadership position at this point would be publicly following the rules, be publicly sensitive to those that have lost and be a beacon of the way to behave."

The president arrived back at the White House earlier this week after being treated in the Walter Reed hospital.

He released a dramatic video of his helicopter landing on the lawns before he made his way onto a balcony and triumphantly raised his hand.

Kate likened it to a scene from Gerard Butler action flick Olympus Has Fallen.

Meanwhile Trump has also vowed to make the experimental antibody drug Regeneron free for all Covid patients.

In a clip shared on Twitter Wednesday evening, the president described how he "felt good immediately" after taking the emergency antibody cocktail, which he praised as a "miracle."

"I spent four days [at the Walter Reed Medical Center], and I went in and wasn't feeling so hot, and within a very short period of time they gave me Regeneron," he said.

"And other things too but I think this was the key, but they gave me Regeneron and it was like, unbelievable. I felt good immediately."

Trump added: "I felt as good three days ago as I do now."

Share prices in Regeneron Pharmaceuticals ticked up nearly three percent moments after Trump's announcement.

The president also vowed to give Regeneron at no cost to all Americans sickened by the infectious disease, saying:"I wanna get for you what I got, and I'm gonna make it free, you're not gonna pay for it."

He also claimed that it was "China's fault" that more than 210,000 Americans have been infected with Covid.

"You have various other drugs that help a lot, but these, I view these – I know they call them therapeutic, but to me it wasn't therapeutic – it just made me better," Trump insisted.

"I call that a cure," he said. "I want to get them to the hospitals where people are feeling badly."

"That's much more important to me than a vaccine," he added.

Regeneron, which was given to President Trump in an 8-gram injection last week, is an experimental drug that hasn't received emergency use approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

The patient is injected with the drug, which contains lab-enhanced antibodies generated to mimic how the body would react to an invading virus. 

The purpose of injecting the antibodies is to boost the body’s immune system without relying on its own immunity to destroy the virus. 

Regeneron was slapped with a lawsuit by California-based Allele Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals on Monday in New York over the unauthorized use of a fluorescent protein used to develop the drug.

Hours earlier, Trump said he had returned to work in Oval Office after claiming he "feels great" following his Covid fight.

A US Marine was stationed outside of the White House office.

Trump's top economic adviser Larry Kudlow had claimed the president was back in his office the day before – but his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows denied the claim.

Meadows said Kudlow misspoke during his CNBC interview after revealing that the president wanted to be back at his desk on Tuesday, an NBC reporter tweeted.

The conflicting reports emerged after Trump's triumphant return to the White House from the Walter Reed hospital in Maryland on Monday evening, just 72 hours after he was admitted with coronavirus.

“The president actually showed up in the Oval Office yesterday with extra precautions with respect to his Covid-19,” Kudlow said.

He added: “And he’s getting a lot better, he’s much stronger. So there was some limited activity.”

He declined to say whether Trump wore a mask, however.

“[I] can’t be specific, Joe," he told Squawk Box co-host Joe Kernen. "It’s the work of the top rung of the federal government.”

“The president, as you’ve seen, has been masking quite a bit. And everyone else who comes into contact in the Oval – the traffic is limited as you might expect – but there are additional precautions, additional measures that have been taken."

But the White House issued a statement on the matter and indicated that Trump was not back at his desk.

“While the President wanted to be in the Oval Office yesterday, he was not there — he stayed back in the residence working from there,” Ben Williamson, a White House spokesman, tweeted just before 9.30am today.

“Safety preparations have been underway in the event he moves to working out of the Oval in the coming days.”

In a second update on Wednesday, this time from Dr Sean Conley, the President said "I feel great!"

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