Katie Price defended by daughter Princess, 13, after cruel troll tells her 'Princess is a ridiculous name'

KATIE Price's daughter Princess jumped to her defence after a troll told the former glamour model she had chosen a 'ridiculous' name for her child.

The nasty comments came after 42-year-old Katie posted a sweet montage video of her and her eldest girl on Instagram on Monday.

The mum-of-five captioned the video: "The love and bond me and princess have is unbelievable unbreakable @officialprincess_andre your my baby girl I love you to the moon and back like nanny says to me ❤️."

Whilst many of Katie's 2.3 million followers were quick to comment with compliments, one person criticised Princess's name.

"Shame you gave her a ridiculous name," one person wrote, but Katie was quick to fire back.

"What a disgraceful thing to say when you know my 13 year old daughter is on Instagram and can read this. Perhaps in future keep your nasty opinions to yourself #HarveysLaw," she replied.

Princess, whose dad is Peter Andre, was quick to defend her famous mum as well.

"I love my name good choice mum!!" the teenager wrote, adding several thumbs up emojis.

Many of Katie's fans also defended her and praised Princess for sticking up for herself, but the troll still didn't back down.

When one person pointed out: "But still a follower," the troll replied: "Not for long, especially if she decides to get pregnant again!"

And when another person described Katie as "an outstanding mother," the troll added: "You honestly think she's going to read this and care either way.

"Doubt any of them read these comments, grow up," they later added.

Katie has campaigned tirelessly to promote Harvey's Law after revealing her 18-year-old disabled son has been the target of "disgusting and despicable" abuse from online trolls.

And earlier this year she gave evidence to MPs holding a Parliamentary inquiry into online abuse.

Katie said the effect of the abuse is "getting worse", with "more people committing suicide".

And she revealed the trolls had even forced her to go to the Priory clinic at the beginning of the year.

She called for the "virtual bullying" to be stamped out with a new law which would see social media users have to hand over details to end anonymous abuse.

Abusers should be "named and shamed" on a register where employers can check for improper behaviour online.

She said: "We need to decide, it’s got to become a law. If it doesn’t, I will keep fighting. How far does someone have to go before consequences are done?"

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