Lucy Mecklenburgh poses in a bikini and reveals how she lost four stone of baby weight six months after giving birth

LUCY Mecklenburgh stripped off to a bikini to show off her post-baby body and revealed how she lost the weight.

The Towie star says she's lost four stone of baby weight just six months after giving birth to her son Roman with fiance Ryan Thomas.

The 29-year-old first-time mum told fans there's "no quick fix" for getting back into shape after pregnancy.

And the fitness fanatic admits that after giving birth her plan to get back to her exercise regime after just six weeks of recovery soon went out the window.

"Roman’s 6 months old and to be honest I had this image in my head of being back to regular exercise and healthy eating in 6 weeks after my all clear from the doctor," she told fans on Instagram.

Instead she scoffed biscuits and napped and focussed on looking after her baby for the first three months.

"Let’s just say it wasn’t quite like that. Biscuits & coffee for breakfast, lunch & dinner some days!" she continued.

"If I got 1 hour to myself I would nap not do burpees haha."

Lucy's fiance Ryan made sure she ate "at least one balanced meal a day piled high with veggies" while she concentrated on Roman.

"I tried to fight it and attempted exercise but I just had no energy & wasn’t ready to workout yet," she explains.

"So decided to 100% focus on looking after Roman, feeding him & getting those essential power naps. I wanted absolutely no pressure to ‘bounce back!’"

Then after three months of rest and recuperation Lucy was ready to hit the gym

"I started doing @resultswithbump stretches and short workouts around 2-3x a week & daily walks with the pram which during lockdown kept me sane," she said.

"My advice to new mamas is every journey is unique like every body & baby is unique.

"Don’t put any pressure on yourself!!"

Lucy admits that after six months she's "still not sticking to regular exercise and eating a perfect healthy balanced diet".

She explained: "I workout when I feel up to it and don’t feel guilty if I don’t!"

 Lucy now does postnatal Pilates, stretches and a boxing workout.

Meanwhile, Ryan flexed his muscles for a selfie shot in the mirror.

She added: "I have a whole new respect and appreciation for my body."

Meanwhile Ryan has amped up his training and lost an impressive one stone in six weeks with the help of Lucy's workout plan this summer.

The new mum is known for her successful fitness programme Results With Lucy, which she credited for helping her snap back to her pre-baby body.

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