Oscar Isaac To Star In Big Screen Adaptation Of Ex Machina

Hot off of a run on the latest Star Wars trilogy, actor Oscar Isaac has signed on to an adaptation of one of the best comic series of the early 21st century, Ex Machina–now called The Great Machine for the big screen.

Isaac has signed on to play the lead character Mitchell Hundred. In addition to starring, Isaac will also produce The Great Machine alongside Jason Spire and Vaughan.

In the Ex Machina comic–written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Tony Harris–Hundred is the first and only superhero who becomes mayor of New York City after the events of 9/11. The book primarily revolves around politics, with the flashbacks to Hundred’s time as a superhero, The Great Machine–a superhuman who can talk to and control machines. The series ran for 50 issues at Wildstorm Comics, a DC Comics imprint.

In 2014, Isaac also starred in the Alex Garland film Ex Machina–a movie that has nothing to go with Vaughan and Harris’ comic. Obviously, the name of the comic has to be changed for the big screen, as it would be a bit confusing if there were two movies titled Ex Machina and both of them starred Isaac.

The Great Machine isn’t the only Vaughan adaptation coming soon. His brilliant comic series Y: The Last Man is coming to FX, but it’s still in pre-production. “It’s in pre production,” chairman or FX Networks and FX Productions John Landgraf explained at the TCA winter press tour. “Eliza Clark is is running that show with Brad Simpson and Nina Jacobson. We’ve seen, five [or] six scripts now. That’s that’s all I can say. We haven’t scheduled because it hasn’t gone into production yet. We changed showrunners and did a big sort of reboot on it and so that was a big redevelopment. But that seems to be going well.”

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