Ozark’s Julia Garner claims filming brutal season 1 Ruth scenes felt 'like being hit by a frying pan'

OZARK'S Julia Garner has compared filming brutal season one Ruth scenes to 'being hit by a frying pan'.

The 26-year-old made her first appearance in the Netflix dramas second episode in season one.

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Ruth faced many stuggles and hurdles in that first season, none more so than when she ended up killing her own uncle.

In the following two seasons, Ruth has also been beaten by Frank Cosgrove Jr and seen her boyfriend Ben be killed.

Speaking about her harrowing storylines, Julia told the SAG-AFTRA Foundation in a video interview: "I mean, it's hard.

"After a while when I play something, I start always feeling what the character's feeling,

"And I don't realise what I'm feeling and by the end of the shoot every year I realise 'oh, it's because Ruth's feeling that way.'

"But I will say the first month of the first season, it felt like I was getting hit by a frying pan every night, coming home."

But as she settled into the show and her role as Ruth, Julia has managed to separate the two much more easily.

She continued: "But it got easier once I got to know Ruth more.

"I think also a big part in what makes it easier, doing these hard scenes, (is) we have such an amazing cast and crew.

"Everybody's so kind that when you do heavy scenes like that and, you know, you're gonna set up for the next shot, even though the story and whatever's happening in the situation with the characters, the energy of the people is not heavy amongst one another."

Ozark also stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, with season three concluding earlier this year.

Ozark seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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