Piers Morgan slams Nicola Sturgeon diverging from Westminster on COVID: ‘It doesn’t help!’

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Nicola Sturgeon announced a ban on household visits starting today as the First Minister sets out a plan to get COVID-19 cases under control. But in England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged people to work from home where possible and closed pubs, bars and restaurants from 10pm. ITV presenter Piers Morgan hit out at the SNP’s leader “unhelpful” roadmap out of the crisis.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Ms Sturgeon said: “Our experiences are different but we’re all in it together and we will get through it.

“Previous generations have gone through even tougher things that lasted years. The second world war for example.

“The one thing we know is this virus will pass. We don’t know exactly when but it will pass.

“There will come a point when we will look back on it.”

Piers interjected: “One of my issues with it all, I don’t feel there is enough of a global effort with everyone coming together and I don’t feel there’s a message of consistency in the UK.

“I understand devolved governments and responsibility but is there an argument to say that given the scale of this pandemic and all the repercussions that it doesn’t really help to have England doing one thing, Scotland doing another.

“Is it unhelpful to people’s thought process that we’re all one thing and yet we’re not and it depends where you are.”

Ms Sturgeon continued: “I agree with you. I think globally there should be a more coordinated response.

“I think we should try and coordinate across the UK but ultimately I’m the first minister of Scotland and I can’t outsource my decision-making.”

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