'RHONJ' Tea: Teresa Giudice Explodes When Jackie Throws Joe's Imprisonment In Her Face

Newcomer Jackie Goldschneider has no idea what she’s walking into by bringing up Joe Giudice’s prison sentence. No idea.

Oh. Ohhh. This was bad.

On Wednesday’s "Real Housewives of New Jersey," newcomer Jackie Goldschneider made the dire mistake of not only inserting herself into a Gorga-Giudice fight but also bringing up Joe Giudice’s imprisonment…to his wife…who’s been known to flip a table in her day.

After Oklahoma, Melissa Gorga came home and told husband Joe Gorga that Teresa Giudice reprimanded her in front of all the other ‘Wives, saying Melissa was the reason Joe and their father don’t spend more time together. Melissa tried to keep her cool and warned Teresa Joe would lose his shit if she didn’t have an actual conversation with him about how she was feeling, but Teresa insisted Melissa should be able to control her husband’s temper.

This week, the argument only got worse when Joe stopped by Teresa’s house to "straighten" out the situation. As expected, the conversation escalated. Joe was not happy Dolores Catania felt the need to insert herself into the mix by bringing up that he and Melissa were on vacation on the one-year anniversary of their mother’s death.

Joe eventually snapped and yelled, "Shove it up your f–king ass!" before making his way out of Teresa’s garage.

Later on, all the ladies met at Jennifer Aydin’s mansion to enjoy a traditional Turkish meal. As annoying as she was last episode, we’ll give it to her: Her house is pretty spectacular.

All was going well until Jennifer innocently asked Teresa if she had spoken to her brother since the blowup in Oklahoma. By this point, Melissa and Jackie had stepped away to check on the kids.

"Remember when Melissa said he was gonna blow up? He blew up," Teresa explained, putting all the blame on Melissa for the way she must’ve delivered the message.

When Melissa and Jackie walked back into the room, Dolores blurted out, "Is your husband mad at me?" The can of worms had officially been opened.

"He blew up," Teresa said to Melissa. "I didn’t want him to blow up, remember? I told you that? Make sure he doesn’t?"

"Unfortunately, I have no control over Joe," Melissa replied calmly. "Neither do you."

Teresa grilled Melissa about what she told Joe and exactly how she told him. Melissa maintained all she said was that she wanted to stay out of the drama and that he needed to talk to Teresa because she was upset he didn’t spend more time with their father.

In comes Teresa’s apologist, Dolores: "If you were just telling him, I don’t know why he was so upset then."

"Because of the subject!" Melissa fired back. "That’s a very touchy subject, don’t you think? You would freak out. You would go nuts if somebody said that you weren’t good to your parents."

Teresa then started back up again with the "It was a blowup" and the "Why did you let it blow up?"

"Teresa, how could she control that, though?" Jackie interjected. Teresa was stunned, shouting back, "She didn’t have to tell him anything!"

"You told me eight times: ‘You’re the wife. Fix it!’" Melissa hurled at her sister-in-law. "You wanna have a whole conversation about your father and your brother, and you don’t want me to tell my husband that you’re upset?"

Once again, Jackie interjected. "Melissa, you are entitled to talk to your husband when you are upset, and that’s the bottom line. She’s telling you that you shouldn’t have spoken to your husband when you were in that moment of being so upset, and I do not agree with that at all."

Teresa reprimanded Jackie for getting involved, but Jackie bit back. "But you’re making it a public conversation, aren’t you?" she said.

"CUT IT OUT! This is my family," Teresa shouted.

"I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how it’s okay to upset somebody and then tell them they’re not supposed to be upset, to upset their husband and then tell them they’re supposed to be in charge of their husbands, to bring up a private conversation in public. I don’t understand any of it! I’m sorry," Jackie yelled before turning to Melissa. "I give you credit ’cause I would’ve gotten up and stormed away from the f–king table."

Turning her sights back to Teresa, Jackie asked, "Do you really think Melissa could control her husband’s emotions? I’m sorry, all due respect, but do you really feel like your husband would be in jail right now if you could control what he did?"

And that’s how Jackie Goldschneider died.

Just kidding! She’s still alive — for now. But Teresa was livid.

"How dare she throw it in my face that my husband’s away," she vented during a confessional. "Who the f–k does this bitch think she is?!"

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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