Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week – Jamie is found unconscious and Manpreet humiliates Meena

JAMIE Tate is found unconscious next week in Emmerdale after a furious showdown with Luke Posner over his and Wendy’s eviction. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the ITV soap…

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1. Chas flirts with Al

Chas cheerfully heads off for a picnic with Al.

During the picnic, there’s a clear spark between the pair, but Chas is embarrassed and quickly looks away. 

Is Chas going to betray Paddy?

2. Paddy hears about Chas and Al

Back at the Woolpack, Paddy fears the worst when Bear tells him he saw Chas walking off with Al.

Later, Bear tells Paddy he needs to talk to Chas about spotting her with Al and confront her. 

When Paddy delays, Bear can’t help himself and takes matters into his own hands. 

3. Jamie rows with Luke

Jamie continues to reel from Belle’s betrayal after she shopped him to the police over the hit and run.

But the vet dusts himself off and moves ahead with his plan to get revenge – despite not seeking legal advice. 

Later, Jamie is distracted from his plan when an angry Luke confronts him about evicting him and Wendy.

But the situation only escalates, and it’s not long before the pair are having a furious showdown.

4. Jamie is found unconscious

Later, Luke finds Jamie unconscious on the floor at Home Farm. 

Has one of his enemies attempted to murder the vet?

And will he recover?

5. Meena makes a move on Rishi 

Manpreet continues to stress about her situation with Meena, but feels relieved when Rishi tells her she has his full support. 

It’s not long before Meena rocks up and tries to explain herself, but Manpreet quickly explodes and storms off. 

Later, Meena turns her attention towards Rishi and opens up about her life. 

Manpreet is uneasy when she sees how close the pair have become in such a short space of time. 

6. Manpreet himiliates Meena

Manpreet heads back to the surgery and looks through CVs for the nurse job vacancy.

But her plans are foiled by Rishi, who introduces Meena to Liam and puts her forward for the job. 

But Manpreet is enraged by Rishi’s meddling and during the job interview makes it clear that she’s not going to give Meena an easy time. 

Later, Liam makes clear that he's unimpressed by the way Manpreet has handled the situation.

And back at home, it’s clear Rishi is also unimpressed by Manpreet's antics.

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