Spoilers: Drug dealer Danny in Emmerdale returns – for revenge on Sarah?

When Danny Harrington (Louis Healy) arrived in Emmerdale, it didn’t take long for viewers to realise he was up to no good. After persuading Sarah (Katie Hill) to take drugs with him at a party, he made her feel guilty by using the injuries he had sustained in an attack to make her deal drugs.

Thankfully, Sarah set Danny up and reported him to the police, but with him set to return soon, could it be for revenge on Sarah?

Newly released Danny sends Sarah a text asking to see her and she’s tempted. The next day, she’s confronted by Danny in-person and tries to play it cool, but is scared he might be back for revenge.

When Danny seems genuinely remorseful for his past actions and appears grateful to Sarah for turning him in, Sarah throws caution to the wind.

Later at the Woolpack, Danny and Mason decide to try and sell some pills to a rowdy stag do. Sarah is shocked to see Danny’s helping Mason deal drugs, but Danny talks his way around her and she asks Danny for one of his pills.

Could this be what Danny was planning all along? Or will Sarah plan another set up to get Danny sent back to prison?

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