Spoilers: Furious Aaron in Emmerdale loses it with Vinny

Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) in Emmerdale was in the dark about Liv’s (Isobel Steele) recent seizure for a while. With Liv set to get her official diagnosis soon, the news leaves Aaron beside himself and is later furious with Vinny (Bradley Johnson) – but will help from Paul (Reece Dinsdale) calm the situation?

Aaron’s not happy when Liv reveals she’s organised a kayaking trip for him and Ben (Simon Lennon), but he heads off. Meanwhile, Liv starts having a seizure and Vinny panics.

Unsure on what to do, he calls Paul and when he arrives, he quickly calls an ambulance before trying to calm Vinny down.

As Liv begins to come round, back at HOP, Aaron panics to discover a stack of missed calls from Vinny.

Aaron arrives at the hospital, but Vinny discourages him, in his state of fury, from seeing Liv and Aaron threatens Vinny, demanding he moves out of Mill Cottage.

Paul stands up for Vinny, but will this be enough to make Aaron change his mind?

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