Spoilers: Linda fights back after EastEnders death nightmare

It’s been more than a rocky road for alcoholic Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), who faced losing her husband, son and entire family due to her dependence on alcohol and the way it was making her behave in EastEnders.

Linda’s need to get drunk in order to cope worsened to a stage where her son’s life was left in danger and she was demanding a divorce from husband Mick (Danny Dyer). But when she got drunk on the party boat to celebrate the Queen Vic winning Pub of The Year and she and Mick almost drowned as a result, she was hit with a massive wake up call.

Linda was met with a crossroads – either work hard to fight this addiction or destroy herself and those she loves. Since the fateful day, she has been stepping up her efforts to battle her demons and as she pours her focus onto her family, she and Mick are given a welcome boost when Ollie wins second prize at school thanks to a costume that Linda made for him.

Mick is relieved that Linda appears to be regaining some of her old self and she bravely then clears out all of her old stashes of alcohol, helped by Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White) who offers some touching words to her.

With Linda determined to get back in control and look to the future with her family, she knows it will be a long and difficult road but with the support network around, she is confident that she can turn her life around.

Is there finally a light at the end of the tunnel for the Carters?

One to watch: Friday 6 March at 8pm on BBC One

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