Strictly fans spot awkward problem as Katya and Neil Jones dance together again

Strictly Come Dancing couple Katya and Neil Jones shocked viewers by actually dancing together tonight.

The husband and wife duo took to the dancefloor for their first solo dance as a pair since the Seann Walsh snog scandal.

Katya hit the spotlight after being caught kissing her celebrity partner on a drunken night out after rehearsals.

Neil appeared to forgive Katya but the married couple refrained from linking up during the group dances in subsequent weeks.

However, viewers were delighted as they returned to each other’s arms in Sunday night’s results show.

Neil and Katya joined forces for a sensational routine during singer Adam Lambert’s performance.

The crowd cheered when the pair came spinning onto the dance floor to ‘We Are The Champions’.

They twirled around together, proving they have a loving bond, while the audience started clapping to the beat.

Some viewers thought the song choice was a tad ‘awkward’, particularly due to the lyrics: "Bad mistakes, I’ve made a few."

Taking to Twitter, some viewers also claimed they distracted from Adam’s singing.

One viewer said: "Adam Lambert brilliant as always, shame Neil and Katya dancing so much directly in front of him, blocking my view of him performing and giving me a headache with all their turns!

Another added: "Anyone finding Katya and Neil dancing to "We are the champions" awkward??"

A third agreed: "Very apt for Neil and Katya to be dancing to "Bad mistakes, I’ve made a few""

Lots of fans were glad to see Neil and Katya back together on the dancefloor.

One fan said: "Thank goodness Katya seems to be out of the dog-house and is back dancing with the lovely Neil – that dance was smashing!"

"Nice to see Neil and Katya have kissed and made up before the #Strictly finale," added another.

A third said: "How lovely to see Neil & Katya dancing a solo together tonight on"

Neil and Katya suffered a very painful run-in during rehearsals for Saturday night’s show.

As the professional dancers worked on their group routine, Katya jumped back into Neil’s arms and – after misjudging her timing – smashed right into Neil’s face.

Shock footage of the incident shows Neil then dropping to his knee in shock and clasping his hands to his mouth and nose.

He later posted the video to his Instagram page to the concern of his thousands of followers.

"I’m asked all the time if we ever get hurt during rehearsals… here is your answer," he said.

Neil then explained: "But don’t worry I’m OK, nothing was broken and Mrs Katya Jones put ice on it straight away."

Strictly Come Dancing returns on Saturday at 6.35pm, with the results show on Sunday at 7.15pm on BBC One.

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