Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason slammed for 'berating' sobbing daughter Maryssa, 11, in 'disturbing' call

JENELLE Evans released a shocking phone call that showed husband, David Eason, scolding his 11-year-old daughter as she sobbed uncontrollably on the phone. 

The fired Teen Mom alum made an alarming call to his daughter, Maryssa, in July 2019 after the controversial couple lost – and later regained – custody of their kids. 

In a new video posted to Jenelle’s YouTube page, she included the “disturbing” conversation from her husband-of-three-years after the nasty court battle.

He appeared to be driving the car and she seemed to be filming the call with her stepdaughter – whom he shares with ex Whitney Johnson – from the passenger seat. 

David, 32, tells his daughter he hasn’t spoken to her in awhile and asks, “can you talk with me again now?”

The 11-year-old sounds emotional and hesitates, but admits “no.” 

He then asked her if “someone asked you not to talk to me before?”

After she yelled “no” at her dad, she quickly began to sound hysterical as she broke down in tears. 

“I don’t want to get in trouble when I get over there,” Maryessa yelled as she began to sob. 

David laughs and tells his little girl to “come back to real life” as he repeatedly questions over the sound of her crying if she has ever “been in trouble” with him before. 

Maryessa continues to weep harder as David pushes her to answer if he has yelled at her before, to which she replies “yes.”

Over the next several minutes, Maryessa continues to intensely sob as David ignores the tears and persists at talking over his daughter. 

He repeatedly insists that his oldest child has “never” been yelled at with him. 

Maryessa ignores his comment and shouts “are you going to let me see my mommy and Gainey [Grandma]?”

David then instructs her to “stop crying” before suggesting that maybe “she shouldn’t” go over to her grandmother’s home because it is “upsetting” her. 

“I was just asking you a question,” Maryessa pleaded back to her dad as the tears kept flowing.

The fired MTV star told his upset daughter that she should “not” listen to her mother, Whitney, or her Gainey and only “focus” on what he tells her to do. 

David then demands to his daughter: “Don’t argue with the situation. Just stay calm. You’re creating a situation in your head that doesn’t even exist. 

“You’re crying and sobbing when nothing has ever happened to you.”

He added: "Stop putting on a show or a facade when there’s nothing wrong. You still can’t give a reason why you’re scared.

“You need to calm down! If you don’t calm down we will take you to the doctor, you understand,” he said at the end of the conversation. 

In 2018, the controversial reality star was fired from Teen Mom 2 when her husband, David Eason, admitted to shooting and killing the family dog Nugget. 

Children Protective Services responded by removing their daughter Ensley, 3, her son Kaiser, 6, with ex Nathan Griffith, and his daughter Maryssa, 12, from a previous relationship, from their care. 

The children were returned a month later after a series of court hearings. 

But the custody drama didn’t end there, as Jenelle's ex Nathan Griffith filed for full custody of Kaiser after accusing David of abuse against their son, court papers claimed.

Though the custody battle remains ongoing today, Jenelle, 28, insisted they are determining custody in mediation. 

Fans slammed the parents for publicly airing such a personal clip on their YouTube page.

One person commented: “You should both be completely ashamed of yourselves.”

“BIG mistake including Maryssa’s personal phone call with her father, in this video. You shared a private moment for the world to listen to. 

“Total invasion of trust. I really hope you can repair the relationship and come back from this complete disaster,” another fired off. 

While another noted: “Can’t stand the way he’s talking to her daughter in this video.”

“The way this little girl is crying .. wtf would you people put this up. Sad,” a YouTuber wrote.

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