The Bridge on Channel 4: When was The Bridge filmed?

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Channel 4 launched its new reality series The Bridge recently with the show already getting compared to Bear Grylls’ The Island crossed with the frothier Love Island. The show sees 12 strangers from across Britain and vastly different background clubbing together to survive in the wilderness and win a huge cash sum of £100,000. The series kicked off and saw cracks already showing as strong personalities clashed in true reality TV series – but many viewers are curious to know when the show was shot?

When was The Bridge filmed? spoke exclusively to two of the contestants about their experiences. Recent graduate Rowan and COVID-19 survivor Tara shared their insight on the show and the process of making it.

The Bridge was filmed earlier this year over the summer between August and September during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Rowan said of filming: “It was apparently during summer. It did not have summer vibes whatsoever.

“We must have just been on the cusp of autumn because the whole Love Island summer vibe of, ‘Yeah, let’s walk around in swim shorts and have drinks by the lakeside’. No, none of that.”

All contestants had to isolate before they were all brought together for the show with the programme-makers taking stringent measures against COVID-19.

Tara said of getting ready for the show: “It was really, really cold. We obviously weren’t expecting the weather to change so drastically like it did.

“When we were in the isolation period before the filming began there was some kind of heatwave going on outside.

“So, we were stuck in individual hotel rooms isolating to get into our very much needed covid bubble and there was a heatwave.”

Tara continued: “Then as soon as filming begun it was crazy weather conditions and I think the hardest thing was, once your clothes got wet, they were wet.

“There was no way of drying them because there was no wind or anything. It was just constantly damp.”

While former university student Rowan echoed her words, saying: “We got incredibly unlucky with the weather out there.

“I think we had one day of sun and a hell of a lot of rain. Don’t get me wrong, being from Scotland, I am used to rain but I am also used to going somewhere where I can dry off.”

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He added: “You might see in the next episode the weather get wild.”

The show sees the group tasked with building an 850ft bridge from scratch over 20 days to reach an island where a box containing the prize money is being held.

However, there will be twists and turns thrown in along the way to test the contestants as nerves fray and tempers start to fly.

They had to live together in rustic wooden cabins in North Wales next to the Llyn Brenig reservoir as they used wood from the forest and basic tools to build their walkway.

Also, food was rationed which meant the conditions were even tougher for the contestants as they contended with hunger and tiredness from the demanding physical labour to building the bridge.

On living in the cabins, Tara said: “It was really harsh, and I can only assume as the episodes go on you’re going to see that more.

“There was one shot of the food in all the jars but actually the reality is once that food was gone, it was gone.

“We were rationed to a daily amount of food. Once the sugar was gone, it was gone. Once the milk was gone, it was gone and then it had to be replenished after a certain amount of time. So we were expected to ration and my body felt like it was eating itself.”

Rowan revealed there wasn’t any contact with the outside world with contestants surrendering their phones about a week before they were due to appear.

He said: “This was your new world. Anything you left behind was well and truly left behind. Once you started that process, you were well and truly in it and that was your day for the rest of the duration.”

However, Rowan admitted there were advantages to leaving behind the outside world and the “horrible news cycle”.

Rowan said: “You know what, it was actually quite nice to leave that behind. I wish I hadn’t come back and coronavirus was still kicking around.”

The Bridge airs on Channel 4 on Sundays at 9pm

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