The Crown's Claire Foy helps Saturday Night Live poke fun at Netflix

It seems Claire Foy has finally had a laugh at the expense of Netflix.

The Emmy-winning actress, who starred as Queen Elizabeth II in the streaming service’s original series The Crown, was involved in a pay gap dispute earlier this year, which came after it was revealed she was paid less than her The Crown co-star, Matt Smith.

Despite production company Left Bank Pictures taking full responsibility for the wage disparity and apologising, it seems Foy was more than happy to take aim at her old employers.

Indeed, while hosting Saturday Night Live on Saturday (December 2), the actress starred in a short sketch that totally lambasted the streamer for having SO many shows.

You can check it out below:

The two-minute trailer sees Foy star in a new Netflix show which sees her as a young Queen Elizabeth going to a US high school and seems to be a Saved By The Bell/The Crown crossover called Saved By The Crown.

It also features brief cameos from Ghostbusters co-stars Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones; with McKinnon playing the sole watcher of Netflix original series KennyMeade Depot, and Jones playing herself in Leslie Jones In A Van Getting Batteries.


Foy can currently be seen in Millennium series sequel The Girl in the Spider’s Web, in the lead role of Lisbeth Salander.

She also starred in Unsane and First Man this year.

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