The Widow viewers point out major blunder as Kate Beckinsale takes child on a plane without a passport

THE Widow viewers were left confused tonight as Georgia Wells (Kate Beckinsale) took a young girl on a plane without a passport.

Georgia and child soldier Adidja boarded a plane as they planned to journey into the Congolese wilderness in search of her missing husband.

But eagle-eyed viewers were left baffled as Adidja travelled without a passport in tonight's episode.

And they rushed to Twitter to voice their concerns over the apparent plot hole.

One viewer tweeted: "I can accept Kate Beckinsale has run round a jungle killing people and still looks ready for a night out.

"I can even accept a plane got blown up mid air and every f**ker on it survived. But I am not having she's got the little girl on a plane with no passport."

How did she travel with no passport?!? Pffft #thewidow

Simple question – so where did she get the money from to pay for the flights and the I.D. for the little girl to travel on the plane ? Also the clothes for them both? #thewidow

So she just happened to have her passport on her? ??‍♀️ #thewidow

Can't fathom what's going on #TheWidow but the biggest thing bugging me tonight is how did Georgia get Adija on a plane?! Cant believe she has a passport?! @ITV

However, other viewers pointed out that as the pair boarded an internal flight they may not need official documents to fly.

It's not the first time viewers have been left confused.

In last night's episode both Judith Gray and Pieter Biello were killed off and the shockingly bloody scenes – which left some at home scratching their heads.

Judith was brutally stabbed by General Azikiwe after it as revealed that she had a link to the mysterious plane crash.

And Georgia gunned down Pieter after realising he had no useful information to help her in her search for her missing husband.

But it wasn't just the gruesome death toll in Monday night's episode that had people talking.

Viewers also flocked to Twitter to tell of their bemusement at the episode's shifting timeline – with multiple transitions from present-day action to flashbacks.

One confused fan wrote: "Is this scene before or after she passed away? There's been so much confusion, I'm not quite sure anymore."

Another Tweeted: "Was really enjoying @ITV The widow but no not anymore.

"Really disappointed. It’s far too confusing now. Good characters are getting killed. Such a shame."

It comes after viewers were left equally baffled by the show's use of flashbacks in an episode last week.

Then, the appearance of an unidentified baby in the show was the main talking point among fans.

The Widow continues next Monday 29 April at 9pm on ITV.

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