What time is Nadiya's Asian Odyssey on BBC1 tonight and what locations does she visit?

Here's everything you need to know about when it airs on BBC1 tonight and what locations she visits…

What time is Nadiya's Asian Odyssey on BBC1 tonight?

Nadiya's Asian Odyssey airs at 9pm on BBC One tonight.

The second part of the one-hour a piece show will then be shown at the same time next Monday.

The show serves as an unofficial food sequel to Who Do You Think You Are? which first aired in 2004.

What locations does she visit?

Bake Off winner turned presenter Nadiya travels further than ever before to experience the tasty cuisine of Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal.

The two odysseys are motivated by a DNA test that revealed Nadiya has traces of Cambodian/Thai ancestry.

During the first episode tonight, the baking star learns the traditional art of making a fermented fish paste in Cambodia’s famous floating villages.

She also visits a visits a Cambodian family sugar cane plantation and struggles to digest crickets, silkworms, and ant larvae in one of Bangkok’s newest insect restaurants.

Who is Nadiya Hussain?

Nadiya Hussain baked her way to stardom to become the winner of The Great British Bake Off back in 2015.

She has since fronted her own BBC Two series called Nadiya's British Food Adventure, in conjunction with her new book of the same name.

She also hosted the Big Family Cooking Showdown and earlier this year, she hosted Nadiya's Family Favourites.

Her husband is Abdal Hussain, a technical manager at Computer Sciences based in Leeds, who was quickly deemed a "hunk" by "Bake-Off" viewers.

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