Who is Will Kirk on The Repair Shop and is he married?

WILL Kirk has captured the hearts of many The Repair Shop fans, with many left wondering if the hunky carpenter is single.

He's one of the experts on the show and when it comes to carpentry there's nothing he can't fix.

Who is Will Kirk?

Will Kirk is best known for featuring on BBC One's The Repair Shop.

The experts on the show restore old items in a bid to give them a second life for their owners.

He is one of the show's most regularly called upon experts, as they change each episode due to the nature of the item in question.

Will works in carpentry and is a cabinetmaker, so anything to do with woodwork means he gets a call to help restore the item.

He got into his line of work after seeing his grandad working in his workshop – so carpentry has been in the family for some time.

As a student he studied graphic design at the prestigious University of the Arts, then went on to do another degree in antique furniture restoration and conservation.

He worked in Italy for a while afterwards but returned to London, eventually setting up his own workshop in 2012 with a team of craftsmen.

He can be found on Instagram at @williamkirkrestoration.

Is Will Kirk single?

Will is thought to be in his early to mid 30s and fans have been wondering what his relationship status is.

Given that he doesn't wear a wedding ring on the show, nor does he post pictures on social media that suggest a partner, he is thought to be single.

However, back in May, Realitytitbit.com published a story saying they had found a picture of him with a girlfriend – the link to that image no longer works, so it could be that Will is keeping a relationship private.

Will himself has never commented on his relationship status publicly, so no one knows for sure just yet.

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