Who plays Simon Barlow in Coronation Street, what's his gang story line about and what else has actor Alex Bain been in?

But how long has actor Alex Bain played the role and what are Simon's other big storylines? Here's the lowdown…

Who is Alex Bain and when did he join Coronation Street?

Born 25 November 2001, Alex Bain is an English actor from Blackburn, and is best known for his performance as Simon Barlow in Coronation Street.

The 16-year-old made his first television appearance in an advertisement for Rice Krispies.

His first major role was starring in the BBC drama Sunshine alongside Steve Coogan before he debuted as Peter Barlow's son Simon in 2008.

For his role as the young tearaway, Alex won the Best Young Performance at the British Soap Awards in 2011 and has been nominated a further four times in the same category.

On December 3, it was announced that he had become a father after his girlfriend Levi Selby gave birth to a daughter.

The pair, who sat their GCSEs this year, celebrated the arrival of Lydia-Rose Bain on Sunday.

What are Simon Barlow's biggest storylines?

Simon had a hard start in life, with his mum passing away and leaving him to be raised by his alcoholic dad Peter.

He seemingly found stability in the form of Peter's fourth wife Leanne Battersby but his world fell apart when their marriage broke down and Peter was wrongly imprisoned for the death of Tina McIntyre.

Although he was then adopted by Leanne, Simon became disturbed and began physically abusing his step-mother to the point she reported him to the police.

Simon was sent to counselling but after being embroiled in a vicious gang, it seems he hasn't learnt his lesson

What is Simon Barlow's gang storyline about?

In 2018 Simon's behaviour worsened when he joined a gang despite Carla's efforts to keep him on the straight and narrow by offering him a job at the factory.

Peter and Leanne convince themselves the problem was solved but it was soon revealed he aided in the mugging of Audrey Roberts after he was spotted by Roy Cropper.

Simon finally got arrested after he helped ringleader and supposed mate Tyler Jeffries to mug Flora in an attempted burglary.

But when he grassed up Tyler the gang soon turned on him and issued threats.

Tyler even poisoned the Barlow family dog Eccles as a warning.

Now Simon's dad Peter could meet a fatal end when he is shot by Tyler in a drive-by attack. 

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