X Factor star Lucy Spraggan shows off rock-hard abs after incredible weight-loss transformation

X FACTOR favourite Lucy Spraggan revealed the results of her remarkable weight loss – showing off a set of rock-hard abs.

The 29-year-old singer shared a before-and-after picture showing her standing beside a pizza freezer alongside how she looks now.

She told fans she'd managed to find balance in her life, saying she would be "hitting the cake" today – but only after a trip to the gym.

Lucy dropped down three dress sizes after doing regular workouts, saying in the past that she had shed several stone.

Posting on Instagram today, she raved: "It’s SATURDAY AND I’M EXCITED, MOTIVATED AND READY TO GO 💪🏻.

"I tend to relax a lot more on the weekends which can sometimes enable my laziness and unlock my passion for large bars of chocolate, so I remind myself, life is about balance and enjoyment.

"I’m gonna get my lifters on, get my ass down to the gym and throw around some weights, then I’m going to have an afternoon of lounging and hitting the cake.

"Tomorrow a nice long walk with my friends and all our dogs and a roast dinner 🐕.

"Quite honestly I can (still) be prone to binge eating if I forget to include balance in my lifestyle.

"I used to think ‘I’ll have this as a treat’ and then I’d be really full of guilt and shame about what I’d eaten and I’d eat more to feel better. Then it’d go round in circles.

"I learnt that I am definitely worthy of cake and icecream, fruit and sweets, salad and steak and what I eat doesn’t define who I am.

"I’ll be eating what is tasty this weekend whilst being conscious about how much energy my body needs and not over-fuelling it.

"Learning about that really changed everything for me."

Lucy has her own fitness programme, called Fully Rewired, which aims to transform people's bodies in six weeks.

The star has overhauled her life in recent years, celebrating 10 months sober with a non-alcoholic beer back in May.

She wowed The X Factor judges when she performed her own song in 2012 but came ninth after quitting because of illness.

However, she was signed to Columbia Records and became the first star in the show's history to bag a Top 40 single and album before the live shows had even aired.

Lucy announced she split from her wife Georgina Gordon after six years in November last year.

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