11 Northeastern U students booted, lose tuition for breaking COVID-19 rules

For a $401,500 party, it was sure a bust.

Boston’s Northeastern University dismissed 11 first-year students Friday after they were caught violating social-distancing rules and said it won’t refund the $36,500 each paid in tuition or their housing payments. They also can’t take classes online.

They will have a chance to appeal their dismissals at a hearing.

The students were caught by university staff Wednesday night at the Westin Hotel, which is being used as a temporary dorm this semester, The Boston Globe reported.

Last month, the university sent an email to students warning them that they faced suspension if they hosted or attended unsafe gatherings, student newspaper The Huntington News reported.

Northeastern is aiming to prevent outbreaks like those that have shut down schools elsewhere across the country like the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and SUNY Oneonta.

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