As Bear Grylls is knocked out by bee sting, other terrifying animal attacks on TV crews – from filmmaker eaten by bear to baby grabbed by lion

ANIMALS can be unpredictable and dangerous – as many unfortunate TV presenters and crews have discovered while shooting scenes in the wild. 

Former SAS hardman Bear Grylls was the latest star to fall victim to a life-threatening animal attack, after he was knocked out by a bee sting as he filmed his new survival series.

Dad-of-three Bear – who has an allergy to bee stings – went into terrifying anaphylactic shock while shooting the Channel 4 series Treasure Island in a remote part of the Pacific.

Although Bear initially tried to carry on filming, he soon took a frightening turn for the worse and medics had to race onboard with an EpiPen.

Bear had previously suffered a severe reaction to a bee sting in 2016, after he smoked out a beehive to steal honey in Baja California on the US/Mexico border. On that occasion, his eyes swelled up so much that viewers compared him to actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Although he survived both reactions, other TV stars attacked by wild animals have suffered far worse fates.

Here, we reveal some of the most terrifying attacks – from a documentary filmmaker mauled to death and eaten by a brown bear to a baby girl grabbed by a lion.

Timothy Treadwell: Mauled to death by a bear

Documentary filmmaker Timothy Treadwell spent years capturing footage of bears.

But he and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard ended up being mauled to death and eaten by one of the creatures he so adored in Katmai National Park in Alaska, US.

Timothy, a former drug addict who campaigned for the protection of the animals, lived among bears for 13 summers, setting up camp in the wilderness, perilously close to them.

He is said to have considered the creatures his best friends and "soul mates".

But in October 2003, while at his campsite, the 46-year-old was killed and eaten by a 1,000-pound bear, whose stomach was later found to contain human remains.

Amie, 37, also died in the brutal attack.

'She told him to play dead'

A video camera – which had been switched on shortly before the tragedy – recorded the couple's screams as the animal attacked them, according to The Telegraph.

"They're both screaming, she's telling him to play dead, then it changes to fighting back. He asks her to hit the bear," a Police Trooper said at the time.

The bear was killed by park rangers after some of the couple's remains were discovered. An on-site autopsy revealed human body parts like fingers and limbs.

Timothy's disfigured head and part of his spine were found near the camp.

He later became the subject of the 2005 documentary film Grizzly Man, which looks at his unconventional life and brutal death.

Baby girl: Attacked by lion

Bringing a lion into a TV studio sounds like a bad idea. And it nearly ended in tragedy in 2016 when one of the creatures tried to kill a baby girl on live TV.

The animal was filmed clawing and biting the tot in front of her mum after being allowed to get alarmingly close on Mexican women’s show Con Sello de Mujer.

Shocking footage captured the moment the lion grabbed the girl's legs with both paws after she began crying midway through an interview on the programme.

Two trainers were forced to pry the creature away from its would-be prey, with one of them telling the girl's mum in Spanish: “Relax, relax, relax. Don’t move, don’t move.”

Incredibly, the trainers later claimed the lion was just playing with the baby.

Luckily, the youngster escaped unhurt.

Russian TV presenter: Attacked by dressed-up bear

A bear forced to wear a muzzle and a costume attacked a TV presenter who carelessly approached it from behind and tried to stroke it in Moscow, Russia, in 2016.

The presenter was seen crashing to the ground after being struck by the dressed-up bear, called Bonya, during the filming of the Russian show 'Pro lubov' ('About love').

It is thought the creature felt under threat after being touched by the woman. It lashed out towards her, with one of its huge paws getting stuck in her clothing.

In footage of the incident, the animal's handler can be heard saying: "I warned you, do not approach the bear!" The presenter, who got back up on her own, replied: "I am sorry."

Steve Irwin: Pierced by a stingray barb

Aussie wildlife legend Steve Irwin was attacked by a stingray while filming a documentary on the ocean’s deadliest creatures on the Gold Coast in 2006.

The 44-year-old dad of two died after the stingray's barb pierced his heart in what is thought to be the only stingray fatality ever captured on camera.

The only witness of the attack was cameraman Justin Lyons.

Speaking to Australia's Channel Ten in 2014, Justin said: "I had the camera on, I thought this is going to be a great shot, and all of sudden it propped on its front and started stabbing wildly, hundreds of strikes in a few seconds."

Steve – a famous zookeeper, conservationist and TV star who was famed for his series The Crocodile Hunter – had been snorkelling in shallow waters at the time.

His animal-loving daughter Bindi, who was just eight when the tragedy occurred, recently announced her engagement to her boyfriend, Chandler Powell.

Bindi has continued her father's legacy, working at the zoo he and wife, Terri, founded in 1970 and carrying out conservation work. She even spent her 19th birthday feeding crocodiles.

BBC crew: Chased down by a leopard

A BBC film crew had to flee for their lives when a raging leopard charged at them as they worked on the 2017 programme, Spy In The Wild, in Botswana, Southern Africa.

Cameramen, who had been trying to track down wild dogs to film for the programme, were shocked when the animal suddenly jumped from a tree and gave chase.

They desperately clambered back into the front of their truck, while their guide threw a hat at the charging leopard to give them more time to escape.

Fortunately, the crew were able to drive off unharmed, but the incident is proof that nothing can be taken for granted when wild animals are around.

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