Baby born weighing less than 2 pounds during pandemic finally allowed home

A newborn baby in the United Kingdom has finally been allowed to leave the hospital after he was born premature and weighed less than two pounds, according to a report.

Theodore Shirley was five months old when doctors discharged him from Singleton Hospital in Wales, Wales Online reported.

His mother, Melissa, was admitted to the hospital back in April during the height of the coronavirus pandemic when she began suffering from serious bleeding.

“[The hospital staff] had to wear gowns and masks to do everything – it’s very weird when people are talking to you, when you are unwell anyway and not really sure what’s going on, and you can’t see people’s mouths moving so you are not sure who is talking to you,” she told the outlet.

During her fourth day in the hospital, her water broke and she gave birth via C section, the outlet reported.

Her baby was born three months early and weighed only one pound and 11 ounces, the report said.

“They did say, quite a few times, that they didn’t think my baby would survive,” she told the outlet. “It was scary but I kind of blocked it all out.”

He required a ventilator and at times had to fight off infections, but his health started to gradually improve.

“When the doctor said I could take him home I didn’t believe it until it actually happened,” his mother said.

She said that she’s thankful for the hospital staffers who provided care and support — especially when family members weren’t able to visit due to coronavirus restrictions.

“The work of the medical team was amazing. If it wasn’t for them, neither of us would be alive. I owe everything to them. I could never repay what they did for us,” she said.

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