Boris Johnson is heckled by his own party after revealing he’s united with Tony Blair over ‘national humiliation’ Brexit deal

The former foreign secretary was the first backbencher to be called to speak during the meaningful vote debate in the Commons.

Mr Johnson said that he, Tony Blair and the entire Johnson family are united in believing Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement deal "makes a mockery of Brexit".

Johnson was heckled by one of his Tory colleagues and asked what his "big idea" was after blasting Theresa May's deal as a "pseudo Brexit".

Sir Roger Gale intervened after the former foreign secretary said the current Withdrawal Agreement was "not Brexit".

He said: "It's a feeble simulacrum of national independence. It is a paint and plaster pseudo Brexit and below the camouflage we find the same old EU institutions."

Sir Roger (North Thanet) intervened, saying of Mr Johnson: "He appears to be one who prefers the grievance to the solution.

"The Prime Minister has come up with a solution. What's his big idea?"

Mr Johnson replied: "I was just coming to that."

Johnson continued: "If we go on like this…I believe we will be thrashed out of sight."

The prominent Brexiteer said he hopes the House of Commons votes down the agreement on December 11.

"We have plenty of other options. In order to see the way ahead we need to understand what happens next Tuesday if, as I hope, this great House of Commons votes down this deal," Johnson said.

He also said the deal is a "national humiliation".

Facing constant catcalls and heckling from the house, Johnson was aided by Commons Speaker John Bercow, who many times was forced to intervene to allow the MP to speak.

Earlier this evening, it emerged Parliament is set to block a No Deal Brexit if Theresa May's deal falls next week.

In a massive blow for the Prime Minister, MPs voted to hijack Brexit if her withdrawal agreement is defeated in the Commons – as is almost certain.

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