Chilling bodycamera video shows Breonna Taylor dead in hallway for SEVERAL MINUTES before cops checked for a pulse

NEW bodycamera footage shows Breonna Taylor laying motionless in a hallway for several minutes before police checked for her pulse.

Obtained by WDRB News, the footage was apart of the Louisville Metro Police Department's investigation into the death of Taylor.

Taylor, 26, an EMT, was shot dead when officer executed a no-knock warrant at her apartment in March.

The footage shows the intense and confusing aftermath of the shooting.

Kenneth Walker, Taylor's boyfriend, is seen walking with his hands behind his head, following police instructions.

Former LMPD Detective is seen and heard given instructions to Walker and tells him that he is going to prison.

Walker appears to be confused in the video, asking what is going on, explaining his side of the story and saying they didn't know who was at the door.

"No, we announced three times, 'Police, search warrant,'" an officer told Walker.

Hankison is seen asking if anyone is dead, and Walker informs him that Taylor is still in the apartment on the ground in the hallway.

He originally stated that she shot the gun back at officers however later confessed he had opened fire.

Bodycamera footage inside the apartment shows Taylor's body motionless in the hallway.

It is several minutes before any SWAT officers checked for her pulse after she is shot.

In the footage, officers can be heard asking Taylor, "Ma'am, can you hear us?"

When she did not respond, one officer was instructed to check her pulse before he said, "She's done."

The footage shows the chilling scene with bullet holes and bloodstains on the wall behind Taylor's body.

One officer is heard telling others not to turn their cameras off.

The bodycamera footage comes after the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said the officers were justified in their use of force – a verdict that disappointed Taylor's family and their supporters.

The grand jury decision sparked more protests across Louisville and other U.S. cities, some of which led to cars and buildings being damaged.

Since the incident, Cosgrove, Mattingly and four other officers have been facing an internal probe by the Louisville Metro Police Department's Professional Standards Unit, according to a spokesman.

Walker was charged with attempted murder, but those charges were later dropped.  

He has maintained that the officers did not identify themselves a police when they arrived at the apartment and he was scared.

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