Chilling photos show stained clothes Shanann Watts was wearing when she was murdered and buried in shallow grave by husband

Footage from Maryland's Frederick Police Department shows the pregnant woman was wearing only underwear, a bra, and short-sleeved shirt when she was heartlessly dumped in a shallow grave.

A bloodied bed sheet is shown in the video, which Shanann was reportedly buried in. The sheet is still covered in the soil from the grave.

The clothing did not match what she was wearing in the final picture of her alive, taken as she boarded a flight home to Colorado, where she was reportedly hoping to work towards fixing her marriage.

Documents obtained by the Daily Mail also reportedly reveal a strained relationship between Shanann and her in-laws, with a long text message on August 4 revealing tensions reaching boiling point.

Shanann was apparently outraged after grandparents Cindy and Ronnie served ice cream with peanuts in it to their children, despite one having a nut allergy.

She texted murderous husband Chris: "You should call your dad and tell him you did not appreciate your mom putting your daughter at risk today."

The text then goes on to address issues in the relationship, with Shanann saying something changed when she left on her long business trip, and that her husband had failed to acknowledge her pregnancy.

It seems the parents disapproved of the match from the beginning, with Shanann's mother revealing the Watts grandparents did not attend the pair's wedding.

Earlier this month footage was released showing the dramatic moment Chris Watts was cuffed and led away over the murder of his pregnant wife and two daughters.

The family murdering monster is made to face the wall of an interrogation wall before being shackled and loaded into the back of a car.

Watts pleaded guilty to murdering Shanann, Celeste and Bella to avoid the death penalty.

In the new clip, the cold-hearted killer is wearing t-shirt, shorts and flip flops as officers secure him.

Cops' Bodycam footage shows him being patted down and searched.

An officer tells him: "Chris, stand up for me, I'm going to have you face that wall."

The video came hours after footage of the moment police told the lying murderer he had failed a polygraph test.

And another of him calmly buying breakfast hours after the killings.

Another recent clip shows the haunting reconstruction performed by investigators, in which they show how Watts likely murdered his children while they lay in bed.

Watts would take the bodies of his children and wife to an oil field where he worked the next day, hiding the girls in oil drums, and the wife in a shallow grave.

Last week video was released showing the moment Chris Watts confessed to his dad that he killed his pregnant wife – but still blaming her for their daughter's deaths.

Talking to cops in interview, Watts said he took his daughters home, gave them both showers, fed them snacks and tucked them into bed.

Hours later they were murdered, alongside their mum Shannan.

He sobbed in court as he pleaded guilty to five counts of murder in the first degree, three counts of tampering with a deceased human body, and one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy.

His secret lover, Nichol Kessinger, broke down to cops after learning of his sick crimes.


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