Coronavirus deaths in US spike by more than 200 in just ONE day for first time as grim toll tops 900 and 65k infected – The Sun

CORONAVIRUS deaths in the U.S. have continued to grow on a steep incline, as the total number of deaths in a single day passed 200 for the first time Wednesday.

The record U.S. death toll came as the deaths jumped to nearly 950, with more than 65,000 infected with the virus.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday the government is working to ensure hospitals and healthcare workers have the necessary medical supplies amid the pandemic – particularly in places with a high amount of cases.

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"We’ve been spending a lot of time with New York officials because that is really by far the hottest spot," Trump said at a Coronavirus Task Force briefing at the White House.

"They've got a couple of really tough weeks ahead of them," he added.

New York rapidly became the U.S. epicenter for the virus, with the state seeing more than 30,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

In New York City, there were more than 17,000 cases and nearly 200 deaths.

Dr. Deborah Birx said at the press conference that 56 percent of new cases seen in the U.S. are from the NYC area.

Governor Andrew Cuomo again pleaded for help in getting more medical staff and supplies in the coming weeks as the city prepared to reach a peak.

Although the density of the city made it a hotspot for the virus, Cuomo said the vulnerable factors can be turned around.

"But it's true that your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength," Cuomo said.

"And our closeness is what makes us who we are. That is what New York is."

The virus spread continued as officials worked to supply hospitals with necessary medical equipment and the government finally reached an agreement on a financial package that would give economic relief for millions of Americans under stay-at-home orders around the country.
More than 130 million Americans are now living in emergency zones, and over half the nation is under stay-at-home orders due to the pandemic.

Millions of people have lost hours at their jobs or been put out of work entirely as the country tries to crack down and slow virus spread.

This week, the first American child died of the coronavirus in California.

Trump said Wednesday that officials hope the bipartisan emergency financial package passed today will get $1,200 in the hands of Americans in a short time.

"That is a tremendous thing because a lot of this money goes to jobs, jobs, jobs. – and families, families," Trump said of the stimulus package.

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer revealed the checks will arrive on April 6 – but others have remained skeptical they will come in just a week and a half.

As Americans eagerly await the financial relief, Trump again reiterated his desire to get the country back up and running by Easter.

"Especially if we can open the sooner or the better, it’s gonna open like a rocket ship… Very soon and very quickly," Trump said.

He added: "Our country wants to get back to work."

The President said as certain parts of the country  – like New York, Washington and California – are hit harder than other areas, certain areas may continue to remain under social distancing practices while others get back to business.

"It could be we do sections of our country," Trump said.

Trump's comments came as the total cases worldwide passed 467,000, with more than 21,000 deaths.

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