Ex-doctor, 78, is jailed for 12 years for sex assaults on patients

Ex-doctor, 78, who worked at Jimmy Savile abuse hospital is jailed for 12 years for sex assaults on patients including attack on blindfolded 12-year-old boy

  • Dr ‘John’ Sivaguru Narendran, 78, targeted vulnerable, young patients 
  • The orthopaedic registrar would force his victims to wear a blindfold 
  • He also worked at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, notorious for Jimmy Savile links 

Dr John Sivaguru Narendran pictured arriving at Brighton Magistrates court

A former doctor who worked at the same hospital where Jimmy Savile abused dozens of patients has been jailed for 12 years after being convicted of more than a dozen historic sexual assaults on patients.

Dr ‘John’ Sivaguru Narendran, 78, targeted vulnerable, young patients who were referred to him for hospital treatment.

The orthopaedic registrar would force them to wear a blindfold and even tied one patient to the bed while he carried out his depraved attack.

Narendran went on to work at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Bucks – where in 1996 he sexually abused a 12-year-old boy. He was later jailed for 21 months and later struck off the medical register.

Stoke Mandeville later became notorious after it was revealed Savile had used his status as a celebrity fundraiser to abuse more than 60 patients, staff and visitors.

Narendran, 78, was convicted of 13 historic sexual offences on four teenage boys between 1983-1996 – before his time at Stoke Mandeville.

Sentencing him Judge Shani Barnes said Narendran was ‘held in the highest esteem by society’ but breached the trust of children in his care and was a ‘predator’ of the worst kind.

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She said: ‘You will take responsibility for the devastation and destruction you have caused.’

Hugh French, prosecuting, told the court at the time of these offences Narendran was a ‘respected’ doctor working at two Sussex Hospitals.

He said: ‘Working as a doctor he was in a position of trust but he systematically abused young boys who were in his care.’

Mr French said four complainants had independently come forward saying they had been abused by the doctor while he was working at Eastbourne General District Hospital or the Horder Centre in Crowborough, East Sussex.

Dr John Sivaguru Narendran (right) leaving Brighton Crown Court on Monday where he is charged with 14 historical sexual offences

An entrance to Stoke Mandeville Hospital at Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire were Naredran worked at one point, and was accused of assault while working there 

The court heard Sri-Lankan born Narendran was known as ‘Dr John’ and would befriend patients referred to him for treatment.

In a video interview played to court, one patient, who cannot be named, said he saw the orthopaedic doctor for a knee injury when he was around 12 years old in 1985

He said: ‘He was very friendly. He seemed sympathetic. He was a friendly guy.’

Narendran is pictured in 1996 when he was convicted and jailed for 21 months for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy

He told the court after the consultation Narendran offered to play squash with him to help with his rehabilitation and the offer was accepted by his parents.

He said the doctor picked him up in his red Ford Sierra and took him to the hospital social club which had sports facilities.

But the complainant said things began to escalate on a subsequent appointment when the doctor took him to a hospital apartment.

He said he was given Bacardi and coke to drink and the doctor said he could help him improve his science, handing him a book on anatomy which he would then instruct him on.

During one study session he told how he was asked to lie on a bed and was then blindfolded with a yellow scarf with the doctor explaining it would help him to relax. he then sexually assaulted him.

On another occasion the alleged victim said the doctor tied him to the bed. He claimed the assaults happened on a weekly basis for about a year.

He told the court: ‘My parents thought he was a very nice bloke going out of his way to help their son.’

The court was told he only reported the assaults after watching a TV documentary in April 2016 on the Jimmy Savile case.

Three further victims came forward saying they had also been indecently assaulted by the doctor either at Eastbourne General or the Horder Centre in Crowborough.

Judge Barnes also ordered him sign the sex offenders register and passed a sexual harm prevention order.

Detective Constable Tina Baptista said: ‘These men have bravely come forward to report the abuse they had suffered at the hands of a man who they should have been able to trust.

Four complainants had independently come forward saying they had been abused by the doctor while he was working at the Horder Centre in Crowborough, East Sussex

Among those four complainants, Eastbourne General District Hospital was also mentioned as host to assault by the doctor

‘Narendran preyed on these vulnerable young men after gaining their confidence and then sexually assaulted them.

‘They lived with this for years before making the step to report it and I commend them for making this decision.’


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