Families fume after paying up to £168 for rubble-filled Christmas 'Reindeer Lodge' with grumpy elves and an unrealistic Santa

When families arrived at Reindeer Lodge in Leeswood, Wales they came upon rolled turf, builders' equipment in plain view, nails and tools on the floor and had to walk along muddy paths.

Many also complained they had to queue for ages to see Santa in his “grotty” grotto with “grumpy” elves and “sleeping” reindeer.

The attraction costs up to £19.95 for adults and £15.95 for children.

Reindeer Lodge at Black Meadows Farms promises visitors can expect “the perfect festive experience for the whole family”, according to its website.

Flintshire County Council have launched an investigation after it said in a statement it have received a “number of concerns” about Reindeer Lodge.

One mum wrote on Facebook: “Just back from Reindeer Lodge for anybody heading there be prepared it is 100% not ready for the public, muddy disaster with dangerously uneven unfinished grounds absolutely nothing like advertised.

“Sadly the experience bears no resemblance to the Christmas Wonderland we were expecting Santa was realistic until he had to hold his stick on beard on his face with his hand as it was falling off .”

Another added: "Just back from here, was really disappointing, muddy mess, uneven floor, i had a pram to push and it was so hard getting around, on bits of the floor where the fair is it sinks like its spongy!!

"I seen 4 elves with reindeers that looked like they didn't want to be there, one elf walking round the fair and 2 elves on stage! I thought the stage show was ok but not great the stage looks empty not like them pics, then u get sent into another room to wait for father Christmas that's half finished, u basically stood in building yard, tools left all over, nails and screws on the floor.

"Then get sent through a door to say hi to an elf then another door to stand in a hallway to wait to see father Christmas, who was great looked really good shame the elf looked miserable, basically Santa sat on a chair and a load of presents on other side of room all piled up. Then u walk out to get photos £7 a photo.

"Then out again onto a builders yard, materials strewn all over! I thought it looked lovely on the website but it really isn't. Id advise all to cancel and get your money back!!"

Parents took to social media to describe how it was a “complete shambles” and a “glorified construction site”.

Another mother said she paid £168 for her family to have a “Christmas wonderland experience” but said she felt ripped off.

She said: “Glorified construction site. We paid £168 for a family Christmas wonderland experience which was nothing like the advertisement.

Santa’s grotto was a grotty half decorated room, no sack, no tree, no lights, just presents stacked against the walls – so disappointing.

There are no redeeming features and nothing to recommend this ‘attraction’ very disappointed and feel ripped off.”

Others were disappointed they visited Santa in a “blank” room after walking through “muddy sludge” and “wires everywhere”.

One said: “@reindeerlodge unbelievably disappointed with yesterday’s visit. Santa sat in a blank room, elves who were more interested in sitting in the sleigh than inviting the children to, muddy sludge to walk through, wires everywhere. Owner not interested. Merry Christmas…what a joke!”

One parent defended the attraction and said: "We went yesterday and the kids loved it (which is what it’s about) yes there’s areas that need work, but you as a parent make it for the kids.

"If you’re constantly moaning then they pick up on that. I don’t get what you were expecting."

The manager of the Reindeer Lodge said people struggled to find the attraction because the company that sold the tickets on its behalf put the wrong postcodes on them.

Ed Brisbourne told The Daily Post: "People did get muddy shoes as the turf hadn't yet been laid on the courtyard and it rained but the paths were perfect.”

He said that they had only received 34 complaints out of the thousand people who came and said this weekend would be better.

He added: "There is a builder's yard close to us, but it's not in any of our public areas.

"We did have a few teething issues but am confident it will be a much nicer experience this weekend, and I do think the entry fee is a good value as everything is included, including meeting Santa and feeding the reindeer, and receiving a gift."

A spokesman for Flintshire County Council told the Mail Online: “Officers from Flintshire County Council’s Public Protection Team are currently looking into a number of concerns they have received about Reindeer Lodge.”

The Sun Online has contacted the Reindeer Lodge for comment.

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