Fears grow for daughter of millionaire who vanished from NZ hostel

Last image of missing British backpacker, 22, is released by New Zealand police as her millionaire father flies out to help search for daughter who vanished from ‘party hostel’

  • Grace Millane, 22, from Essex in England, travelled to Auckland two weeks ago
  • Tourist on her first solo trip abroad had been in regular contact with family
  • Police have released CCTV image of Ms Millane’s last sighting on December 1  

Dressed in a casual black dress and trainers this is the last known sighting of a British backpacker missing in New Zealand.

On Thursday, police released a CCTV image of Grace Millane, 22, leaving Sky City, in Auckland’s CBD, at around 7.15pm on December 1 (pictured)

Grace Millane, 22, from Essex, in England, landed in Auckland two weeks ago on her first solo travelling trip.

She was staying in a ‘party hostel’ and was in regular contact with her family and friends until Saturday night – the day before her birthday.

After a missing persons report was filed, New Zealand police released this image of Ms Millane at a late night casino in Auckland.

She appears to be alone and is wearing a pink wristband – possibly from a club night – and flat trainers, thought to be Converse. 

Police say they are starting to piece together Ms Millane’s last known movements.

On Thursday, they released a CCTV image of the backpacker at Sky City, in Auckland’s CBD, at around 7.15pm. 

Detective Inspector Scott Beard said: ‘Clearly this is a very stressful time for Grace’s family and the longer she remains missing the more our concern grows for her safety and wellbeing.

‘It’s important that anyone who recognises Grace from this photo or saw her on Saturday night contacts Police immediately.’ 

The 22-year-old, originally from Essex in south-east England, travelled to Auckland two weeks ago

Ms Millane’s father, David Millane, 60, a millionaire property developer, is in the process of flying to New Zealand to help with the search.  

Ms Millane’s roommates at Base Backpackers Hostel, on Queen Street, in the heart of Auckland, said they last saw her on Saturday.  

Her belongings remain at the hostel. 

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The family said it was ‘completely out of character’ for Ms Millane to go silent as they would speak with her most days, BBC reported. 

Ms Millane’s brother, Michael, said she had travelled to Peru as part of an organised group for six weeks but had not travelled on her own – until she arrived in New Zealand two weeks ago. 

‘It was what she wanted – she wanted to see the world,’ Mr Millane said.

The family said it was ‘completely out of character’ for Ms Millane to go silent as they would speak with her most days 

‘We are really, really worried and concerned about Grace. We just want her to get in contact,’ he said. 

Mr Millane said she had two mobile phones with her but they both go straight to voicemail.

‘She spoke to someone in the family every day on WhatsApp, Facebook or FaceTime. The contact with us stopped on Thursday. The last contact she had was with her roommate on Saturday morning,’ he said.  

Detective Inspector Beard said Ms Millane’s father was expected to arrive on Friday, NZ Herald reported. 

‘Her family member is coming out – obviously, they’re distraught. They’re on the other side of the world and they haven’t heard from her,’ he said.    

The 22-year-old tourist had reportedly been staying at Base Backpackers on Queen Street in the heart of Auckland

A missing persons report was filed on Wednesday morning and police are investigating

The distressed family released a plea on social media after Ms Millane had been missing for five days. 

‘Grace has been missing for five days. She has not returned to her hostel room in Auckland New Zealand,’ her older brother Michael Millane wrote on Facebook. 

Another brother urged people to share the post, adding: ‘We haven’t heard from my sister since Saturday’.  

Tony McLeod, British High Commission Wellington consular manager, said the commission was aware of the missing person report. 

‘We are working with the family in the UK and New Zealand Police in relation to reports of a missing British national in New Zealand,’ he said. 

‘We are unable to make further comment while police are investigating the matter.’

Ms Millane (pictured with her brothers) graduated from the University of Lincoln with a Bachelor of Advertising and Marketing in September 

Ms Millane had previously written on social media.

On November 19 she wrote: ‘Of course it’s raining when I arrive to New Zealand.’

In another tweet the day before she went missing she said: ‘I think travelling has changed me I just bought some blue jeans.’ 

Ms Millane, who graduated from the University of Lincoln with a Bachelor of Advertising and Marketing in September, saved for her holiday by doing office work at her fathers property development company.  

She also made money selling paintings which she exhibits on her own website.

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