Government is hiding the true cost of immigration to encourage public to support open borders, voters believe

A majority of the public say they think the Government is lying about the toll taken by the influx of migrants.

And they accuse the authorities of deliberately letting in more people from abroad because they want to make Britain more diverse.

The Henry Jackson Society think-tank found that wide groups of society are now signed up to "conspiracy thinking on immmigration".

58 per cent of Brits said politicians have deliberately hidden how much immigration costs taxpayers and society.

And 51 per cent think the Government has "deliberately tried to make British society more diverse through its immigration policy".

Three out of ten voters said people who speak out against immigration are demonised for their views.
Leave supporters are more likely to distrust the Government on migration.

Researchers warned that the establishment has stoked the public's fear by refusing to acknowledge their concerns about the impact of open borders.

The report's author Sophia Gaston said: "Given the outsized role that immigration has played in our political life over recent years, these findings may not come as a surprise – but they should shock us profoundly.

"They reveal a fundamental strain on the political contract – that citizens no longer consider their own governments to act honestly or in the public interest on this most sensitive of issues.

"The proliferation of conspiracy theories poses genuine risks to our societies, and these findings should be a wake-up call to the traditional parties that they have utterly lost control of the narrative on immigration."

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