Heartwarming moment Rafael Nadal meets ball girl Anita

Heartwarming moment Rafael Nadal meets ball girl Anita, 13, to say sorry for hitting a forehand into her face – as jealous fans say they wish THEY were struck

  • The world number one accidentally sent a brutal forehand into a ballgirl’s face 
  • Rafael Nadal immediately rushed to Anita’s aid and gave her a kiss on the cheek  
  • ‘It was one of the more scary moments on the court,’ Nadal said post match
  • Nadal and Anita met today where she was gifted a signed hat and sweatband
  • Anita was ‘touched’ by Nadal’s ‘kindness’ and hopes he wins the Australian Open

Rafael Nadal has met the ball girl he kissed on the cheek after hitting a forehand into her face.

The world number one was up against Argentina’s Federico Delbonis at the Australian Open in Melbourne on Thursday when he hit 13-year-old Anita in the face during the third set.

The 33-year-old Spanish tennis star rushed to the ballgirl’s aid and kissed her on the cheek.

Nadal met with Anita after the game to make sure she was okay (pictured on Friday when he met her)

Nadal checks on Anita’s face after accidentally firing a brutal forehand straight into her face

Antia (pictured) was given a cap from Nadal signed, ‘To my friend Anita. All the best’

World number one Rafael Nadal accidentally shot a forehand straight into 13-year-old Anita’s face

On Friday, Nadal met the youngster and left her with a signed hat saying: ‘To my friend Anita, all the best’. 

He also shared a smiling selfie to Instagram after having checking up on Anita to ensure she was okay. 

‘Very happy to see that Anita is doing well,’ he wrote. 

‘I also had the chance to meet her, her brother Mark and parents. Thank you.’ 

Anita said she did not expect to sit down with the world number one and that she was ‘touched by his kindness’.

‘I was extremely excited because I had finally gotten to meet my favourite tennis player like really close up,’ she told Channel Nine.

‘I can’t believe it. He’s my favourite tennis player so I never expected this at all.

‘He asked me if I was okay and we just talked about how he was going.

‘It was just so nice to meet him and to talk to him and he gave me this hat that says ”To my friend Anita, all the best”.’

Anita also said she hopes Nadal wins the Australian Open. 

Nadal and Anita take a smiling selfie which is shared to Instagram following the accident  

Nadal shared a smiling selfie to Instagram after having checking up on Anita to ensure she was okay

Meanwhile, his fans fawned over the world number one and said they wished that they were kissed.

‘Oh to be almost hit in the head by Rafael Nadal’s tennis ball, and to then be kissed tenderly on the cheek in apology,’ one wrote.

‘Rafael Nadal is the best. Apologizes to the girl after accidentally getting hit on the head and gets a kiss. What a class act by Nadal!! #AusOpen #AO2020,’ another wrote.

‘Imagine getting hit in the face bu Rafael Nadal and then him coming to comfort you and kiss you on the cheek,’ someone else commented. 

Other tennis fans commended Nadal on his caring nature and wished they could get a kiss from him

The pair were seen talking and laughing following the match after Anita was accidentally hit in the face

In his post match interview on Rod Laver Arena, Nadal said it was one of the scariest moments of his career.

‘For her it was probably not a good moment,’ Nadal said.

‘I was so scared for her honestly the ball was so quick and (hit her) straight on the head. She’s a super brave girl.’

‘Honestly it was one of the more scary moments on the court.’

Nadal was taken to a second-set tiebreak but was otherwise untroubled in the 6-3 7-6 (7-5) 6-1 victory.

‘I lost a lot of opportunities on break points. Honestly, I found a way to finally win that second set and in the third, I think I played a little bit more relaxed,’ he said. 

He will play fellow Spaniard Pablo Carreño Busta in the third round, and a possible fourth round clash with Australian star Nick Kyrgios.

The Spanish star (right) was all smiles when he met with 13-year-old Anita (left) after accidentally hitting her in the face with a forehand


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