Mum forced to have feet amputated after small cut during salon pedicure leaves her in coma

A MUM has told how she needed both feet partly amputated after suffering a small cut during a salon pedicure – which left her in a coma.

Lisa Scarborough had half her left foot and the toes on her right foot cut off after her body went into shock.

A tiny nick from a pair of scissors during the pedicure went septic.

She went delirious following the beauty treatment at La Mer Nail Salon in Melbourne, Florida.

And in her state of hallucination, drowsy Lisa was convinced she heard her dead brother speak to her.

She told WESH: "He was saying to my mother 'Lisa’s coming mom.'"


After falling into a coma, surgeons were forced to remove part of her limbs when they went black due to lack of blood flow.

Lisa bravely pulled through – explaining that the thought of getting better for her children spurred her on.

But despite her severe injuries, the mum-of-two was told she will not receive any compensation from the salon.

A judge told told her the businesses does not have insurance to cover the actions of its employees – meaning she can't sue for negligence.

Her own lawyer even advised Lisa against filing a compensation claim against the salon.

Legal expert Michael Kahn, who did not work on Scarborough’s case said: "It’s a tragedy.

"How would she know to ask whether what their insurance policy covers?"

La Mer has declined to comment.

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