Private plane nose dives into house and kills four people

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a plane lost control and crashed into a house, killing four people on board and injuring three more people.

The light aircraft ploughed into a residential area in Sinaloa, Mexico, the part of the country featured in the new series of Netflix hit Narcos.

The video shows onlookers screaming as the plane plunges out of the sky and into a home.

Police and others can then be seen rushing to the wreckage of the Aerocalafia flight, which had been seen flying dangerously low moments before.

A man is even involved in scuffles with the police as they try and usher him away from the crash site.

The four who died included the pilot and co-pilot and unnamed passengers.

According to local reports, a further passenger was injured and two people inside the house who suffered ‘light injuries’.

All were taken to hospital and included a 32-year-old woman and two children, aged 11 and three.

Eyewitnesses said the plane had hit overhead cables on its descent before crashing into the house and reports suggest the pilot had reported a mechanical failure minutes before the collision.

Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, the Mayor of Culiacan, went to the scene in order to oversee the rescue operation as officials evacuated the area.

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