Stunning TV presenter filmed hiding her phone in between her BOOBS during ad break

TV star Elena Filonova was filmed checking her smartphone, which appears to be the large iPhone 8 Plus model with its logo clearly visible, by a cameraman shortly before broadcasting.

The incident took place during the filming for 'Strasti Po Revizoru', a popular Ukrainian talk show, shot in the capital city of Kiev.

The clip shows Filonova's upper body dressed in a glittery dress as she puts her hand in her cleavage and pulls out a smartphone.

The TV star spends few seconds checking the device before placing it back in her cleavage.

According to Filonova, 34, she took her phone out to turn off the sound and afterwards she popped it back into its usual place just before going on air.

She said: "Now everybody knows what I keep in my cleavage. Now you know where my safe place is."

Filonova shared a clip of it with her 254,000 Instagram followers with many finding it funny.

Social media user 'Ttsaparina' said: "Now when I watch the show I cannot help but think of you and your phone!"

'Mikhailovskaya333' commented: "I do the same when I am vacuuming. Lol!"

'Alinatverdomed' said: "Funny! I used to hide so many different things in my

'Yuliia Litostanskaya' said: "That is fab! You made my day."

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