This 22-Year-Old Model Was Allegedly Caught With A Suitcase Full Of Heroin

Tereza Hluskova, currently 22-years-old, is a popular model from the Czech Republic. Hluskova was caught and charged for allegedly trying to smuggle over $1 million worth of heroin onto her flight from Lahore, Pakistan to Dublin, Ireland in January 2018. She was said to be holding the drugs in her suitcase and she is currently still on bail in Pakistan. The Daily Mail recently reported on her tearful outburst when she found out her trial was being postponed again.

Tereza is now looking at facing up to ten years in prison if she is convicted of smuggling the heroin. Were she from Pakistan, where she was stopped, Tereza’s alleged crime of smuggling nine kilograms of heroin would have her close to the death penalty in that country, as such is the law there for anyone caught with ten or more kilograms. Apparently, two other men were also arrested and are on trial for drug trafficking charges after the authorities sifted through Tereza’s phone record.

According to Hluskova, she was in Pakistan for a modeling contract, and she claims that she had absolutely no knowledge of how the heroin ended up inside of her suitcase. Authorities say that close to 20 pounds of the Class A drug was located in several statues that the model was carrying in her luggage. Tereza is now going through the court process for her charges of alleged drug smuggling, only it seems her trial continues to be delayed.

Reports say that Tereza was in tears during her recent court hearing. This breakdown happened after the model was informed that her trial was yet again being postponed. This is a stark change in her character and behavior since Tereza was initially arrested. During her arrest, Tereza was caught posing with various Pakistani investigators, smiling brightly.

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While Tereza continues to declare that she was in Pakistan for a photography shoot, the authorities are claiming otherwise. According to police, they have evidence that a Manchester man connected to Tereza set up what they are referring to as a “fake” photography studio. Someone from customs spoke with local Pakistan reporters, claiming that Tereza had been invited to promote a leading fashion brand in return for a “big payout,” cited the Daily Mail.

“She came to Pakistan and resided in Gujranwala for a few days before coming to Lahore airport to fly for Abu Dhabi with the heroin bag given to her.”

Tereza states that the statues full of heroin found in her luggage were “gifts,” and attests that she had no clue that the drugs were inside.

“They gave me something for luggage, three statues or something. They said it was gifts. I didn’t know there was something inside.”

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